Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy things and bad things

Okay, first the happy news...... I have a new baby brother. Daddy rescued him yesterday afternoon, we think he is around 1 month old, and just the cutest little ball of fluff (not as cute as me though).
Such a cute little lop

He's got a cool racing stripe

cautiously curious

Making a mess in his new cage at home.

settling in at home

Cuddling with daddy
Oh, his name is Luke Skyhopper. I think daddy has gone way to far with this Star Wars thing.

Now, on to the bad thing, last night we had a major flood in our apartment, what it meant was that we had to use our evacuation plan that we had put in place after the ice storm last year. Our plan sort of went off the rails right away, my granty is dealing with bedbugs, so we couldn't go there. My two human cousins and their parents are staying with my grandma and grandpa, so WAY to crowded there. There were only two more options, one was to sleep out on the street, not a good option. So that left mommy Louise, thankfully she came through for us again. She paid for a taxi down to her place, and then found us a hotel for us to stay in overnight, and paid for it too.
By the time we had gotten checked in and up to our room, daddy wasn't feeling well. Mommy Louise got me settled in, then tended to daddy. He was going into heat stroke, she stayed for a few hours and nursed daddy back to health.
This morning daddy got me my medications, then let me explore the bed for a bit. Until I decided to jump down and explore the floor, for which I ended up back in my playpen.
Me disapproving of being put back into my pen

The view from our room on the 16th floor

Last night we could see the CN Tower

Checking out the bed

Lots of room on this one

Of course it's the first bed I ever got to explore.

That's the head board

Wonder what's over here.
Daddy doesn't know where we are going to stay tonight, our apartment is unlivable. The rest of the gang are fine, for now, but there isn't much else daddy can do. I'm afraid he is going to have a panic attack, and won't recover from it this time.


  1. I would think your landlord would be responsible for finding and paying for alternative living arrangements until he can get your place habitable again.

  2. we will keep our paws crossed for you,xx Speedy