Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Captain Bun Kidd the Pirate and Zombie Hunter

Last Saturday was the annual Toronto Zombie Hunt Walk, people dress up as zombies to raise money for charity. There's a big party, food and stuff to buy.

Daddy finished off my LAV-BT, including modifying my machine gun so it lights up, and we went to hunt see these zombies. I was glad that I had my guns armed and ready, any zombie so much as thinks about munching on my brain would end up being a bloody mess on the ground.

All set for the zombies, come at me, I dares ya

See, my machine gun is now a laser, more stopping power.
 Tonight is the big night, it's Halloween. I don't know how nice it's gonna be, the weather people are calling for rain and wind (the second year in a row), last year we got part of Superstorm Sandy, not as badly as what New York got, but the rain was really heavy.
Luckily daddy has planned for the rain, and the LAV-BT comes with a cockpit canopy.
Keep watching for my post after we get home from the Halloween street party tonight.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My new cousin

I have a new cousin, he was born today October 15th 2013 at 7:33 am EST. Mom and baby are doing great.
Arthur Fancis

My cousins Robbie and his new little brother Arthur
Robbie picked out the outfit that Arthur is wearing. Arthur couldn't wait, so the medics delivered him at grandma's house, before taking them to the hospital.
Of course daddy is super excited about having a new nephew to spoil (as long as he doesn't forget to spoil me first).

Now onto Halloween, my costume is coming together, daddy is putting the finishing touches on my Pirate ship.
My stroller transformed into my pirate ship
The bridge of my pirate ship.
Target sighted, all guns at the ready
 Not to worry, I don't start a fight, but I will finish one.
On Halloween night we are going to a big street party downtown, to show off.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Well, we would have posted an update yesterday, but the area we drove to was a wireless black zone (no wireless signal for miles around). So I'll post the entire blog now.

It was a VERY long trip, we left home at 10:30 am, and got home after 8:00 pm. And like I said yesterday we stopped on the way down for a break, and on the way back for dinner.

We stopped at a hotel which daddy stayed at, but has become really rundown since then. Then we stopped at a little roadside fruit stand to get a pumpkin for my cousin, and some pears to snack on for the rest of the trip. Daddy offered me a little piece, but I didn't really want any.

Our destination was a little place called Winger, it's not really a town, its barely a village. This is where daddy's aunt and uncle were married 50 years ago, and in the same church where they had the party. I think we only knew 8 people out of all the guests there. I, of course was the center of attention there (as it should be everywhere I go).
Heading out on the big train

So bored, wish I had a DVD to watch.

Having a snack at the party

Lots of old people there

The ride home, so sleepy

Yep, so sleepy.
 And one more thing, we went over a large bridge, and here is a cool video of our trip.

And, when we stopped for lunch grandma and grandpa had kids meals, so I got to have one of the toys. It's my most favorite of all cars, here's a picture of my new toy.
It's a batmobile, when you pull it back and release it it goes on it's own.
This was taken earlier this year when me and daddy went to a car show.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some quick updates

There is one very important update from Bunfest that we want to tell everyone about, and it's some really great news concerning one of the adoptable bunnies.

 This little snoopervisor got adopted from Toronto Animal Services at Bunfest, we hope he/she will be a good snoopervisor for his/her new slaves.

Now on to some exciting news about me, Oct 5 (which is today, because it is 2:41 am) me, daddy, grandma and grandpa will be heading out on a day trip. It is to celebrate one of our relatives 50th wedding anniversaries, but in order to do that we have to go almost to Niagara Falls. To give you some idea of the length of this trip, just going to it will take 90 minutes. Thankfully daddy says we won't be going straight there, we'll be stopping for a break or two both there and back, which is good because I love my car seat and all, but I want to sample the grass from the other parts of the province.
Not to worry, we will be posting lots of pictures and some video after the trip, daddy got a really cool video camera just before Bunfest. It's called a GO PRO (well, a clone of one anyway), from the pictures I've seen on its box it is supposed to attach to a bicycle or onto a helmet. Well, daddy figured out a way to attach it to my stroller (to give my POV), and will try to figure out a way to use it on the trip so you can see what I would be looking at.

And just like Bunfest, I'll try to remind daddy that we need to post a quick update on where we are in the trip, and a picture of me at the location.

Daddy is telling me it's time for bed, we've got to be up at 8:00am (ick), and out the door by 10:00am (double Ick).

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rabbit Rescues Bunfest 2013

The long awaited report on Rabbit Rescue's Bunfest 2013 is here.

We got there early enough to video tape the lineup to get in, and boy was it a long line. We were really glad that uncle Matthew (not Michael as his name tag said), he took lots of video and pictures so I could make this report even better.

There were lots of bunnies and their humans there, most didn't know how famous I am in the bunny world, which daddy then had to tell them about most of my adventures.
The front of the line to get in

The front table, see that overflowing box, those are the grab bags   

Grab bags are almost all gone
Now, for some pictures of the tables.

The bake sale table
Here I am with Dr Munn, he runs the vet clinic that I was treated at.

Some of the medical equipment for us rabbits

The Ask the Vet section

This lady is a vet from Gulph

Dr Munn and an assistant from Greenwood Vet Clinic
The Hay bagging station, look at all that hay behind them.
Bobby's Bunny Boutique table

The Stuffie adoption table

The Quietsnooze table

New Moon Rabbit Rescue

Nail Art table

Bunny Nail Art
We got some treats from this table

Successful stuffie adopter

The how to build NIC and bunny proofing, daddy made the balloon bunny for this table

Silent Auction table
My favorite table, the one with all the food, treats and toys

Daddy and Lancies mom

Lookit all that food, I could totally pig out here.
Glamor shot area

Disapprove for the camera

The bunny spa area

AKA the bunny TORTURE area
Face Painting area

And now for some random bunnies that came to Bunfest.

This bunny is more relaxed then me
Gee, this random bunny looks familiar

Some of the treats daddy picked up
Carrot Treats

MMMMMMM, dandelion nommies

Bourne Free Farms hay, daddy got this for $5.00 dollars
This picture defines Snoopervising

Me and daddy

Haviva and a human/bunny cross breed

And a bit of temptation to get everyone out to Bunfest 2014, the Bunny Dictionary may be included in the grab bags and at the Bunny Flop Cafe and Nibbles Lounge.
This is uncle Matthew's scooter, see he's just as crazy as daddy is.