Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Me and daddy went to another festival, this one is for the lgbt (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgendered) community. We have a few friends, and we try to make it at least one day during the street festival. This year a lady selling dog items saw me and gave me a rainbow bandanna for my collar (for free), daddy bought me a pirate bandanna as well.
We're going to the CN Tower tomorrow because my favourite baseball team are having a street festival before the game, and the stadium is right next to the Tower. I might get to meet some players, and my favorite sportscaster.

Friday, June 29, 2012

My second movie

Today daddy and I went to see Brave, it's a new Disney movie about a Scottish Princess, I tried to use the 3D glasses but they didn't seem to work for me. Anyway we're going to see it in regular format on Tuesday with my great grand aunt.
Daddy even found the sound track, our favorite band plays the bagpipes in it. The Red Hot Chili Pipers.
Tomorrow is the big trip to the BIG CN Tower, I can't wait, I'm so excited that I am just vibrating with excitement.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

One full day of Ash

Well, it's been one full day of having Ash here, and he is settling in nicely. Daddy trimmed his nails on Tuesday night, and discovered that he turns into a furry puddle when you cuddle him.
We have also found that there are some treats he really likes, dried papaya, and the Martin treats. Daddy gave him some Oxbow hay, but I don't think he knew what to do with it.
Daddy spent most of the day making the stuff Ash will need to go out, a vest like mine, and a thing for the stroller. Friday we have to get some supplies for him (a bigger food dish, bigger water dish, and litter box). We're also going to find a new harness, and a toy for him to play with.

When we go shopping with grandma we need to get more boxo litter (it's a recycled paper, sort of like care fresh, but not as dusty).

Uhoh daddy is wondering why I am posting a blog at 3 in the morning, so I better end this quick before I lose my computer privileges.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guest blogger Ash

Hi, my name is Ash, I was just rescued today from a cramped little cage in a garage. Luckily Sunki's dad (I guess my new dad), came to my rescue.


We just picked him up, and he's a MINI-REX like me. In fact he is almost the same age as me, May 2008, so I'm 4 months older.<br>
His name is Ash, not as creative as our names, but he knows it. He is a very dark brown, and sort of cuddly, but not as cuddly as me.
We'll be home soon, and daddy has to get a cage ready for him, then put his profile up on Bunspace.

Heading to pick up little brother

Daddy and I are heading to pick up that little boy bunny, the people that have him still want daddy to take him. There was just a little mix up on Saturday over times, but this time it has been confirmed. So in about an hour we'll be posting another blog with the new buns picture, and any other information we get on him.
I still don't want a little brother, but I understand the need to rescue the bunny.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

afraid of fireworks, not me

I was asked several blogs ago if I were scared of fireworks, well no. Only a few loud noises scare me, thunder, and the building fire alarm.
Taken last Remembrance Day, we were about 20 feet from this cannon
Canada Day fireworks last year, I was right beside daddy

An A-10 Thunderbolt II (The Warthog) taken at an airshow last year

Fort York during Simcoe Day last year
So, as you can see loud noises don't bother me much, in fact a couple of years ago we were watching the airshow from a beach when the US Navy Blue Angels were preforming, two of the jets flew at tree top height directly over our heads at full afterburner. I didn't even flinch. What did scare me during the airshow was the little propeller driven stunt planes.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not getting little brother afterall

Me and daddy traveled almost to another city, and after all that travel we couldn't pick up the new bun. Well that's okay really, Groucho is pesky enough I don't really want another brat hopping around taking up daddy's time. So I'm good.
Daddy has left information on who to contact to get the bunnies rescued.
As for my trip to the CN tower, it's still on for next week, but daddy says that is even better because he'll have money then.

CN Tower adventure postponed

I have to wait a week to go to the CN Tower, but for a very good reason.
You see, daddy and I are going on a rescue mission later today. There is a web based group called Freecycle, and someone on there posted for two rabbits for adoption. One boy, one girl. We are taking the boy, and giving them the information on who to contact about the girl.
So, by later today I will have a new little brother, and yes we will be posting a blog about him to introduce him to our followers.

Friday, June 22, 2012

It is super nice now

Wow, what a difference a day makes, yesterday it was 35c with a humidex in the low 40s, today it's 24c and very low humidity.
Those thunderstorms we had helped a bunch too, and lucky for us daddy had his fancy phone. He steered us between the worst of the storms, and got us home only slightly damp.

 Thanks to one of my commentators, I think I know where we are heading tomorrow. The CN Tower, the tallest building in Toronto. What gave it away was the walking outside part, and no, we won't be doing that. Daddy is scared of heights (and he wanted to be a pilot). Daddy corrected me, he said there is a difference between the two. As a pilot your in control of the plane, doing this thing they call Edgewalk all you have is a metal rail and held to that by a rope. Rope has a bad habit of breaking, and that is a long way to fall, at least when a planes engine stops you can glide down to land. And as Superman says "Statistically speaking, flying is still the safest way to travel". Edgewalk is just NUTS.

We have seen Edgewalk, this was taken last year from Fort York

Rogers Centre (Skydome) from the CN Tower

Before I could go places with daddy, my little buddy Hopper did stuff in my place

Hopper posing, it is just a metal screen and cables between people and a VERY long drop

Hopper posing on the glass floor, this is something I want to do

One of the elevators has a glass panel in the floor

Hopper at a Bluejays baseball game

Hopper with my Bluejay teddy bear which hangs on my stroller
My Bluejay teddy bear which is hanging on my stroller.

A big secret is going on

.....And I'm not in on it, daddy has been going on about a big adventure on the weekend, and being quite secretive about where we are going.
As good as I am at finding out secrets daddy is way smarter then I thought, so far the only clues I've been able to get are;
1 It's a building I haven't been to
2 It is right downtown
3 You can see it from very far away
4 It has "tower" in it's name
5 To get to the fun stuff we have to take an elevator

I know that there are a lot of buildings downtown, and a lot of them have tower in their names, and all of them have elevators. But not all of them are open for tourists.

I guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out, unless I can figure out what it is before then.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's super hot outside

If it gets above 32c tomorrow, and it will, we will be in the first official heatwave of the summer. Yesterday it was hot, today it's hot, we just checked on daddy's super fancy phone, the temp is 34c but feels like 40c. It's so hot out that my frozen water bottle is almost thawed, and we only left 30 minutes ago. Thankfully we're heading home, and I can flop under the cool box.

On Saturday daddy says we are going somewhere super high, and really cool. I can't wait.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Highland Creek Festival

Today me and daddy went to another festival, this one has a real small town feel, even though it is in the city.
We even did a good deed, you see there was a petting zoo there, with chicks, and bunnies. They also had two cows, and some goats. What we found out, much to our horror, they were selling the bunnies and chicks. Well, we went and found the people in charge, and told them. They went to investigate, and shut the petting zoo down and made them leave. And from what we've been told they won't be allowed back, we are also going to inform Rabbit Rescue about these guys.
But, back to some happy stuff, I got chance to hop about on some "holy grass", it was beside a church. And on the way home we met a nice older couple, who are CAMPBELL'S. Daddy had a nice long talk with them, while waiting for the bus to show up. And thanks to daddy's fancy phone, found out that we were at the wrong bus stop.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Found a use for my bagpipes

Daddy has several special stuffed bunnies, two come from Build-a-Bear, and one comes from Animal Land (a BAB clone).
Daddy was looking at them last night and realized that the bagpipes would fit one of the bunnies, so he got one and the bagpipes and put the two together.
The bunnies name is Benton-Fraser (he had a RCMP uniform, but daddy put the army uniform on).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Canada day fireworks

On Canada day me and daddy will be at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto for the fireworks, and for a very good reason. GFA Pyro will be doing the show this year.
For those not familiar with them GFA is a Quebec based company that is featured on the Discovery Channel series "Pyro's", which airs Tuesday's at 8:00pm (but only in Canada). From what we've seen on their show they do some fantastic displays, and the shows shouldn't be missed.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Highland Games Video

As promised here is a video from the Highland Games, my favorite part, the Massed Pipes and Drums. When you watch this video imagine you are a German soldier in either of the world wars, and you'll understand why the Germans called the Scots "Ladies from Hell".

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Highland games

Well, that sure was a super fun day. It was a little wet to begin with, but it slowly cleared and became a very nice day.

Daddy got me some stuff for my stroller, and for me too. Although our search for a stuffed Nessie was just as difficult as finding the real Nessie, hence we didn't find one. :( But there is still a bit of hope, there are Scottish shops here, and at least one more Celtic Festival to go before the year is over.

My two new pins
The pin for Clan Gordon
The pin for Clan Campbell
Kiwi playing my bagpipes
There was lots of grass to run around in, and eat.
One of the pipe bands warming up for the competition.
Me with my bagpipes
In the mean time daddy did get me some neat stuff, two pins for my stroller, one is for Clan Campbell, and the other is Clan Gordon (the two clans daddy has ties to). And something really fun for me, my very own set of bagpipes. Daddy had a set when he was a little boy, and thought I should have a toy bagpipe too.

We should have some video ready to post very soon, so keep watching, it really is amazing.

Going superfast

We're heading to the highland games.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Prelude to the Highland Games

Tomorrow we go to the Games, and I am just vibrating with excitement.
This year will be a little different, grandpa is coming with us, and I'll have my car seat to ride in.
It should be really fun, as long as the rain holds off. (Rubs left rear foot for luck).*
Daddy also promised to try and find me a stuffed Nessie (Loch Ness Monster), to add to my collection.

Now, it has been asked if the cadets were marching on the ice last week, no, the ice was melted and it was just bare concrete. Although it would have been fun to watch, I suppose they could use skates to parade around on the ice. And it might be a bit of a challenge for the band, but if the "Blues and Royals" (a cavalry regiment whose band plays while on horseback) can do that, then I suppose it might be possible.

From 2010

enjoying some playtime on the grass

The massed pipes and drums marching on
*The lucky rabbits foot is traditionally the left rear foot, and in my case still attached to a live rabbit (me).

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Video from 700 Squadron parade

This is the band from daddy's old squadron performing a medley from Phantom of the Opera at the Squadron annual parade on June 3rd 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daddy had a panic attack

We went to the D-day remembrance ceremony today, and after the ceremony we were heading for home. Well, I tried to tell daddy not to go the way he was headed, but would he listen to me.... NOOO. But daddy learned his lesson, he started having a panic attack.
The way we went was near where there was a shooting on Saturday in a mall, if things had turned out a little different daddy and I would have been in that food court on Saturday. But instead of going the safe direction today, he went past that food court.
Well I am happy to report that daddy is starting to feel better, now that we are home, and in our safe place.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A bunnies guide to Highland Games

A bunny friend of mine sent me this a few years ago, I had told my friends about being excited to go to my first Highland Games, but wasn't sure what to expect. Well, he sent me a very funny list of the games played by the Scots. So here is Grouchos theory to Highland Games.

"They all seem to involve a rock or a stick. Mmmm, yummy stick. Oh yeah.

Caber tossing - a really big stick
Hammer toss - a rock at the end of a stick
Weight for height - tossing a rock over a stick
Strongman walk - carrying a really big rock.
And of course
Golf - hitting a little rock with a stick.

And he was right, although they don't play golf at the games, but the rest was right on.

My flags

Well, Shazz got very close. With 6 of the 7 flags.
Going left to right, the flags are..... (drum roll) Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Scotland, and UN. The last one was the Jolly Roger flag (pirate).
Now, as for the reason for that flag. Daddy formed a flight (squad) from cadet friends, they called themselves Pirate flight. Their mission during wargames was to act like Privateers (pirates), and harass and disrupt enemy units by any means. They were very successful, stealing weapons and supplies from the enemy.
The use of pirates in modern war, especially by the allies, isn't as far fetched as it sounds. During WW2 the allies let loose their PT boats (gun boats, USA, the kind that JFK commanded), and TPB (Torpedo Patrol Boat, UK) in the Mediterranean with the orders to harass, and disrupt enemy shipping. Essentially government sponsored pirates, which history has shown to be true, the first pirates were crown sponsored, and given free reign to loot and plunder enemy ships.

As you can tell both daddy and I are full of useless information, that on very rare occasions comes in handy.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Successful parade

Well, that was a most exciting parade. With a few surprises to boot.
When the band did their solo performance, they did a selection from "Phantom of the Opera".
I got quite a few compliments on my flags.
I should be able to post a short video when we get it edited together, some time in the next few days. Depending of course on if we get internet back at home soon.


Today daddy and I are off to a very important event, it is 700 Squadron's annual parade. Sort of a graduation for you civilians.
During this parade the cadets March past the reviewing stand, and get awards that they've earned. Daddy is an alumni of the squadron, so me and him get to sit with the VIPs.
Which of course means I have to dress up in my uniform, and my flags are flying on my stroller. Not only for today, but for the rest of this week. The Queen's Diamond Jubillee, which is the next three days. The D-Day Celebrations, which are on June 6th, and for the Georgetown Highland Games, which is the 9th of June (this Saturday).
I'm posting a picture of my flags, lets see if you guys can identify each of the flags.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lots of transport

Well, daddy and I talked to loads of nice people at the disabled persons show, found out some useful information, and got to ride the choo-choo train again. We, well daddy mostly, got soaked to the skin with all the rain we had today.
We also got to ride in grandma's car to go home, and, I got to use (sleep) in my carseat again. I was really wore out being so cute.
Actually so was daddy, when we got home he and I both had a nap.

Traveling by choo-choo train

We are on our way to a show for disabled people, and to get there faster (and slightly drier), we took a choo-choo train to get there.
It's not that new, but it's still exciting for me.