Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, December 27, 2013

evac kit part 2

Daddy and me went shopping today to get the final few things for my evac kit, I now have my very own little bed to sleep in, and it all still fits into the bag with the rest of the stuff. We've got emergancy food (72 hours worth), some treats, and it's packed and ready to go.
Practicing my evacuation

Do you mind, I'm practicing

Bed checks out, time to go back to treats.
 I got to see my cousins yesterday, and we delivered our Christmas presents to them. My older cousin really loved his new tablet and digital camera, and the new nephew really loved his ball and the teething rings (the teething rings were my idea, but the present came from all of us bunnies).
Me and daddy also got to have dinner with grandma and grandpa, and daddy got to show off some of the new tech toys that he got as presents (daddy loves his tech). One of his very good friends gave him a portable DVD player (we watched Despicable Me 2 on it the subway ride home yesterday), he also got an eReader (he's reading Chris Hadfield's book "An astronaut's guide to life on Earth", and he also has Colin Mochrie's book "Not quite the Classics").
Riding on the train

I love looking out the window

We're in the station right now.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bunny evac kit

This emergancy has taught daddy that we aren't nearly as perpard for a long term survival situation as we would like to be, especially in the case of us bunnies, and for me especially. So daddy got together stuff I will need in case we have to take shelter somewhere else. The military term for this is a "bivouac kit", and it has all the stuff I need to survive for 72 hours out of the house.

1st thing is my tent
2nd my food and water dishes
3rd all of this fits into this bag...

including me
 The bag has wheels on it so it doesn't need to be carried around. The only thing we need to get to complete the kit is a bed for me to sleep on, and some form of a litter box for me to use.

I forgot to say Hoppy holidays to my readers, so....
I'll post more tonight when me and daddy get home, because I get to go see my nephews today, and give them their Christmas presents. So we'll be taking tons more pictures, and I'll be posting them too.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Home safe and sound

Well, after spending the night out at my granty's place, and very cramped in my stroller over night, I complained to daddy about not having enough room to be comfortable. So daddy found me something to make any over night stays more comfortable for me.

If something like this happens again, I'll have my very own hotel room to stay in. My new hotel room is way bigger then my cage at home, 3 feet wide by 2 1/2 feet tall.
Checking out my new home away from home

Loads more room to roam about then my stroller

Look daddy, I need food, water and treats.

It's really tall

I'd like my food and water dish here, maybe a bed over by that wall.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My first ever sleepover

Me and daddy are staying over night at my great grand aunt's apartment, last night we got hit with a MAJOR ice storm. The power is out to over 25000 people in our city alone (our neighborhood being one of many in the city without power), daddy asked someone when power would be restored, they told him 72 hours maximum.

Not to worry about my brothers and sisters, they are all fine at home, the heat is still working, and before we left daddy filled their food and water dishes, so they should be fine for tonight. Me and daddy are going to head back there tomorrow to check on things, and see if the power is back on.

When we got here daddy let me get down on the floor and stretch my legs (explore the place), so it was fun for me. And I'm quite happy to be at her place, and very rarely do I get to explore on my own here.

Most content bunny, I'll nap anywhere.
As long as daddy is here I'm happy
 Daddy thinks there was at least an inch of ice coating pretty much everything today, and tons of tree branches down too.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How I became a Service Bunny

A commenter has asked how I became a service bunny, so I looked back through my blogs and the "about me" section of this blog, and realized I didn't explain that very important detail. So this blog will be a recap of how I became a very important bunny in daddy's life.

I didn't really have much in the way of formal training like the Service Dogs have, but daddy realized when I was a baby that I had a penchent for reading human emotions, and comforting them when they were feeling sad. This started with a TV show, yes, I liked watching TV when I was little. The show was called Extreme-Makeover: Home Edition, a brief recap for those who might not be familiar with this show. A family in need is chosen, and have their house either fixed up, or rebuilt from the ground up. The end result is the family standing on the street in front of their new house, and there is lots of crying etc.
Daddy had built me a platform on top of my cage, and it was almost touching the TV. Well, that part I referred to came on (lots of humans crying), I went over to the TV and put my paw on the screen to comfort the people who were crying. That was when daddy realized I had empathy towards humans and their emotions, and started us on the path to becoming a Service Animal team.

It wasn't until a few years later that it became official under the law, and that law is a little bit of an oddity in itself. The Province we live in (Ontario, Canada), came up with a law for people with disabilities. Way down deep in that law there is a section concerning Service Animals, and to condense the legal jargon, the section says that any animal can be a service animal, as long as the person needing the service animal can get a letter from their doctor detailing why they need it. In short, daddy has a letter from his doctor saying that he needs me as a Emotional Support Animal. We carry the letter, and the part of the law about Service Animals, in a pouch on my stroller, so we have it with us at all times.

I hope that explains the round about way I became a Emotional Support Service Animal.

Now on to some fun stuff.

With only 3 day to go to Christmas Day, daddy got me and him stockings. But these aren't just any old ones, no these are very special. Daddy saw them at Target last month, and decided yesterday to grab them for us. The stocking are Star Wars themed.
The new stockings. Mine is the Darth Vader (black one). Daddy's is R2-D2 (White)

We don't have a fire place, so daddy hung them by the treat shelf.

There was also a Wookie (Chewbacca) stocking, which is the one I really wanted, but they were sold out of them, as it was we got the last of the R2-D2 stockings.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Out of this world bunny

Right now up on the moon there is a Chinese rover exploring the surface, the reason I am so interested in this is that the English translation of it's name is "Jade Rabbit". Ever since daddy told me about it I've been cheering for it (for obvious reasons), if the Americans named their Mars rovers something like that I'd cheer those on too.

Yesterday me and daddy went to a Christmas party held by daddy's support worker, it was a nice lunch, and each client goct a gift bag of stuff and a sleeping bag. Most of the stuff in the bag daddy couldn't use (allergies or sensitivity to scents), the one somewhat useful item in the bag was a KOBO Touch eReader. Daddy isn't sure how good an idea the ereader was, you can't do much of anything with it without having a computer and internet (i.e. just to set it up takes a program installed on a computer). Daddy has set his up, but after looking at it, he's not sure how useful it is. The screen is black and white, to get any good books to read on it takes money and a credit card. The new tablet daddy has, is far better, in fact, this post is being written on it. Daddy is considering selling the KOBO and getting something more useful, like tickets for us to go see the Marlies play at the Air Canada Centre next week.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm a snuggle bun

I sort of like winter, no not because of the snow or cold, but because daddy wears thick padded gloves, and those make for a great pillow to rest my chin on.
We've gone all out with our Leafs Christmas decorations, we've got blue and white beads.

And now here are some pictures of my two cousins visiting Santa.
My Elven cousins Arthur and Robbie

Arthur was fine with Santa, it was the noise they made to get him to look at the camera that made him cry

My cousin Robbie.
We have Arthur's present all wrapped and ready to go.
Daddy is working on Robbie's present, we're giving him daddy's old tablet and his other camera, but he is also getting a toy. There's something called Hexbug, they are little toy robots, we've got to go to a toy store next week and find out a little more about them, so we get the right one.

Friday, December 6, 2013

gaining back the weight

Daddy took me back to the vet today and had them weigh me, now when I was in on the 19th of November I was 1.98 kg, today my weight is 2.19kg, so I have gained back some of the weight I lost.

Monday, December 2, 2013

All Better

I've been finished with my medication for a week now, but daddy thinks I might be over eating. Daddy has been joking that the vet must have added a stomach while they had me under, because a little bunny like me shouldn't be able to eat as much as I am right now.

One of my commentors is celebating something called Harmonica, which is an 8 day celebration. I looked up Harmonica on the internet, and it's a musical instrument, why a harmonica would need 8 days to celebrate it is beyond me, I stopped trying to figure out human holidays when I found out about International Talk Like A Pirate Day.