Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, June 23, 2014

Indigenous Arts Festival

Yesterday was so much fun.... except for a couple of things, more on that a little later..... Me, daddy and mommy Louise went to Fort York to see the Indigenous Arts Festival, basically it was native arts and crafts.
There was some dancing, drumming and singing. Mommy Louise got me a new pin for my stroller, and her and daddy both got bear claw necklaces. The bear is one of daddy's Spirit Animals, so the bear claw on the necklace represents his strength. The way daddy sees it, with both of them having the necklace it represents the strength of their relationship.
This is the bear claw necklace that they got

This is my new pin it says "Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nations"
This is a Shawl dancer

Intertrible two step dance

More two step dancing

This little one had a hard time just walking
Me, daddy and mommy Louise sat beside a big cannon, and daddy took a picture of me sitting on the cannon.
Prepare to fire the poop cannon
After this picture I got to play around under the cannon.
I needed a bath

It turns out cannons make for good shade.
Okay, now I'll tell you about the things that weren't that great. I've been getting poopy butt a few times since Dr Munn put me on Critical Care, so while we were sitting under the shade of a willow tree mommy Louise noticed that I had poopy butt. So daddy cleaned my butt, right there in public, so embarrassing. After he did that I went and hid behind mommy Louise.
I'm so embarrassed
 Daddy got something to eat and drink, but the drink is what interested me. It was a juice, made with watermelon and raspberries. It smelled good so I decided daddy should share with me, he kept trying to get pictures of me drinking, but I was to quick.
to be fair, it was daddy's fault for leaving it on the ground. 
Tomorrow I go see Dr Munn and get my teeth fixed, mommy Louise is going to meet us there, and then her and daddy  are going to spend the day together until I'm done. Daddy will update my blog tomorrow night to let everyone know how things went. 

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  1. Oh Sunki you are lucky to go out and about with your daddy,My mummy has just ordered me a harness should be here this week, good luck with you teeth fixing,xx SPeedy