Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Maple Leafs Lost, but we won big

Well that was a great night out, and we had fun hanging out with grandpa. The first thing they did was have the Great Canadian Mascot Games, several mascots did a relay race, jousted, and played hockey, our side won. They also did a Harlem Shake, we've got that on video. There were only a few of the Mascots we actually knew, like Jason from the CFL Argos, Raptor from the NBA Raptors, Carlton the Bear from the NHL Maple Leafs, Igneous (Iggy) T. Rock from the NLL Rock, and Duke the Dog from the AHL Marlies. There were 14 Mascots in total, but the rest we have no clue who they are.
Group picture of the Mascots
We were rather disappointed in the outcome of the game, the final score was 3-2 for the Sens, but it was a tie game right up to 30 seconds left.

Now for the big news, I get to go see the Marlies again. They were giving fans a voucher for two free tickets to one of two games, so we will be going to the March 13th game.

Raptor doing a handstand on one of the nets

This is Raptor, the Mascot for the... well Raptors

Carlton and Raptor hugging

This is what our seats looked like, these are on the opposite corner

Carlton knelling before the start of the actual game

Carlton and two of the "cheerleaders" sitting on a couch watching the game

Carlton and a little helper, they were leading the cheers during the game

Sitting in my stroller watching the game
This video is of the Mascot try at the viral video of the Harlem Shake.

We'll be posting more pictures and video's when we get chance, right now it's time for bed.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Superfan (bun) Sunki

As I've mentioned before I am going to see the Leafs play next week, and I needed to get outfitted for that game. Well we went out and got stuff to show off my support for Leafs Nation.

This bear is supposed to be white, then he would be Carlton the bear

My Maple Leafs flag

Hockey stick on my stroller

My Marlies hockey stick, this is on the other side of my stroller

This stick is now on the front of my stroller.
The Marlies are the AHL minor league team for the Leafs, I got to see them play two years ago, with grandma and daddy. Now I get to go see the Leafs play, with daddy and grandpa.

One final thing to say.........

GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some big news

Daddy just told me that I am getting another cousin, my aunt and uncle are expecting a baby in October or November. Our whole family is excited by this news, and can't wait. We're not sure what the baby will be, still to early to tell if it will be boy or girl. Daddy would prefer a boy, seeing as they are far easier to buy presents for.

In other news, we are now confirmed to go to see the Maple Leafs play in a week, I can't wait, daddy made a poster for me to take.

Oh, and Hoppy Valentines Day before I forget.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Storm 2013

ICK!!!!!!!! That one word illustrates the conditions that we have had today, 30cm (12inches) of snow...... so far. Thankfully the snow is coming to an end, and we'll have sunshine tomorrow and Sunday.

This is a bench, and there is a sidewalk some where in front of it.

Here is the view outside of our apartment

They shoveled earlier

This is what I mean by if you forget we live in a major city, this view looks like we live in the country.
 We are hoping that the roads/sidewalks are passable tomorrow, we are going to need to get groceries and food for us bunnies and rats.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My birthday Cake

So as I posted before daddy and I went out and got fixings for my birthday cake, and he made a huge cake for me.

Both green and red leaf lettuce, and watermelon.
Daddy was trying to take a picture of just the cake, but.......

......Watermelon waits for nobun.

Sitting beside daddy having my birthday cake.
Daddy also put birthday boy buttons on my stroller, that way everyone knows that I'm the birthday boy.
The big round button lights up and flashes. The little button on the bottom we've had since my very first birthday.
We're leaving my smaller button on for the week.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ground Hogs and Birthdays

Today is Ground Hog Day, a day when some of the humans ask silly smelly stupid rodents to tell them when it's going to warm up and be spring. Well, I can tell you that there will be spring. And another thing, these silly rodents make this prediction based on if they see their shadows or not, how pathetic is that? I'm afraid of lots of things running out of treats, getting my nails trimmed, running out of treats, not going out with daddy, running out of treats, not getting toys and did I mention running out of treats. But I'm not afraid of my own shadow.... or anyone else for that matter.

Today is also my 5th birthday, daddy gave me a choice, that I could get something today for my birthday, or I could get something from the hockey game we're going to. I told him that I would much rather have something from the hockey game. I still get to have a birthday cake, and share a salad with my family.