Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Super excited

In two weeks me and daddy are gonna be doing one of my favorite things, we're gonna be horsie back riding. It's been years since we did that, and I am so excited that we'll be doing it again. I'm gonna being my horsie Thor with me, then I can show him off to the other real horsies. Tomorrow me and daddy have to go and pay our fee, then it's only 19 days til the trip.

Giddy up horsie, he he he.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Boy/girl outing

Wow did we have fun. I guess I should start on Saturday morning, with our first meeting.

Me and daddy arrived WAY early, stupid transit, we had planned on arriving with a few minutes to spare. We ended up getting there with an hour to wait, but that was okay, because it gave us time to checking things out, and gave daddy a chance to mentally prepare.
Once our new friend got there (her name is Louise BTW), we went into the first building.... well, it wasn't so much one building, as it was a group of buildings and vehicles. We went to see the TTC's brand new streetcar, we got to see inside the new one.

This is the new streetcar, daddy didn't take a picture of the outside on Saturday
Some of the seats, you can see that it bends
A pair of seats, the only design flaw we found the further back you go, the narrower the aisles get.
Not a lot of room for my stroller in some places.
 Daddy and Louise spent a great deal of time talking, I spent that time pondering why I was listening to those two. It was okay though, I was glad to see daddy happy.

After our tour of the streetcar we decided to ride on one of the older streetcars, like this one.
This is the Streetcar we got to ride on.
This is looking toward the front of the old streetcar.

These are the back doors
This is looking toward the back

I'm rather bored of this streetcar now, it only did a loop around the yard.
Daddy didn't have any money so Louise bought them lunch, it's going to be daddy's turn the next time they go out. I got to play in the grass while they ate lunch, and talked some more. My grandpa used to work for the TTC, so daddy was used to seeing the inside of the division building, what he wanted to see is the TTC stuff for sale. Daddy found me a new pin for my stroller, and it allows me to show my pride in the TTC.
This is my new pin.
We then went to see another building, but it wasn't open anymore, so we went downtown to a Tim Horton's to get a drink. We had intended to visit at least one more building, but the two humans spent so long talking, that by the time they finished it was to late. So we said our goodbyes, and we're going to see each other again real soon. And daddy may invite her over here for a 'bangers and mash' dinner.... Bangers and mash is an English dish made up of Sausages (called Bangers), mashed potatoes, and mushy peas (no one likes mushy peas, so daddy substitutes green peas). Louise is from England, which is really neat.

Day 2 of doors open found me and daddy at Fort York Armories, by ourselves this time. There was a military concert band playing, some of the equipment and vehicles, and some freebies.
This is a G-Wagon, it's the primary transport for the military
 What you see there is called a G-Wagon, it's the modern version of the Jeep. What I wanted to know, and no one seemed to be able to give me an answer, is what happened to wagons A through F?
This is a 105mm Howitzer.
I've been really REALLY close to a bunch of these during a 21 gun salute, and didn't scare me one little bit.
This is an older version of the one pictured above, but no less noisy.
Okay now for some teaching, these are some posters we got.
This poster shows the cap badges of the Toronto area regiments
The poster above shows the 12 units that make up the 32 Canadian Brigade Group.
This shows how a battle group is structured
This poster shows the types of units, and shows the ranks.
These are some of the vehicles and weapons used by the Canadian Armed Forces.
As I mentioned in my previous blog, Louise has two bonded bunnies of her own, so of course they talked about us, and showed pictures of the furkids.
These are her two bunnies, daddy thinks they make a cute pair.

Friday, May 23, 2014

What has daddy done now?

Earlier this week daddy signed up on an online dating site, which is fine with me, he needs someone in his life. Daddy didn't think he'd find anyone, he's tried online dating before, and ended up with a faker spamming him about mail order brides. Daddy looked at the matches that the site suggested, none looked promising, so I suggested he search for one keyword "rabbit". And you know what, the site brought up 1 match.
That one match, it turns out, has two bunnies of her own, and we have met her before, at Bunfest. Of course, daddy has met so many people at Bunfest that picking out just one is near impossible, I don't even remember most of the bunnies I met there. Daddy's comment is that he's not an elephant and can't remember everything, which is strange, because of course daddy isn't an elephant he's a human..

Anyway, we (me, daddy, and our new friend) are going out tomorrow to check out some really cool buildings, and getting to know each other a little better.

One of my bunny buddies on Bunspace gave me a list of what I should do to 'help' with daddy's 'date'.
  • Do not spray her
  • Also, no nipping or boxing, unless the date is at a biker bar.
  • Be a good boy and let her eat some of the parsley
  • Did we say not to spray her?
One thing he didn't mention was if I'm allowed to chin her or not, I better chin her just to be on the safe side.
  • I don't spray (anymore) 
  • We're not likely to end up at any bar, let alone a biker one.
  • I'm NOT going to share my parsley, it's mine. Besides I don't think people like parsley as much as I do.
Wish us luck, we're going to need all of it to get through tomorrow without any screw ups, which is what daddy is worried about right now. We'll post a new blog with pictures tomorrow night when we get home.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

WOW what a day

Okay, so today was Superfan ComiCON, the day me and daddy have been waiting for for months. We got to meet lots of neat people, even before we met the celebrities. I got to "drive" KITT, the car from Knight Rider.
Where's the button that gives me treats?

That is KARR back there, KITT's evil twin

The iconic front of KITT.

The 'cockpit' of KITT.
We also found a neat bunch of artists, they do a series of comic books called Heroes of the World, it's about a boy who travels all over the world and teams up with each countries unique heroes. Of course who know which country we chose, SCOTLAND.
The big guy is Caber, the little guy in the middle is Pipes, but we can't remember what the other names are.

Got to see the Batmobile.

This is something I didn't see at ComiCON back in March, an AT-ST Scout walker.

 We also got to meet some really neat celebrities, Maryse Ouellet (WWE Diva), Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) and Olivia Hack (a voice actress in Star Wars the Clone Wars.
And for the BIG superstar that I really wanted to see, Margot Kidder.
Margot, me and daddy
 Margot is really really nice, and LOVED my Superbun cape. We almost gave up on meeting her, she hadn't been there almost the whole day, but she showed up at the very last minute. She wasn't even supposed to be there this weekend, she under went knee replacement surgery a short time ago, and wasn't supposed to travel, but came anyway, and I'm super excited that she did come.

I also got some free stuff, just for being cute.
This is my first free thing, the guy that did this is named Ash.

This is the cover of the book we were given
This is the dedication page

One of many drawings inside the book
This is at the end of the book, do you notice the web address for Rabbit Rescue.
There was also an I Love Doggies and a I Love Kitties sketch book.
The guy that gave me these things also has a bunny (go figure), he's also been to Bunfest, and he bought one of Daddy's cards too.

We also got to meet one of our very good friends, he runs D-Day Wear which can be found here, he is trying to get a song and movie done to support war veterans from both the Canadian and US Armed Forces who have PTSD. To help out with that give a like on the Facebook page by going here, the campaign is called This Flag Flies Free.

And one more fun picture, you'll need to be a Dr Who fan (or at least know a bit about the show) to get the joke on this T-Shirt that we saw.
I know my readers get the bunny part of the joke.
The joke is that the Dr Who thing looks small on the outside, but is really big inside.

Friday, May 16, 2014


Daddy and me had a great time at his birthday dinner, we just made it before it started to rain. It was nice when we left, by the time we got to the restaurant it was raining cats and dogs. We were dryish, our worker wasn't so lucky, when she got there it was coming down heavy, so the short walk (run) from her car she got completely soaked.
During our dinner a very short thunderstorm passed over, and then shortly after the rain tapered off, it was then our worker excused herself and went to get her umbrella from her car. I asked daddy why she didn't use it to get from her car to the restaurant in the first place, daddy shrugged and said he didn't know.

After dinner we got a ride over to the transit station, and as we were traveling it started to rain again. But when we needed to walk from the bus to our building it stopped, then as soon as we got inside it started to rain again. It really was our lucky day.

Tomorrow me and daddy are headed to our second ComiCON, and we can't wait, it's gonna be so much fun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Special days

Today is a very special day here at my house, it's daddy's birthday. I'm trying really hard to be good.... At least for today. Later on me and daddy are going out to dinner with our support worker, daddy says the place we are going is really neat. It's called Montana's, and they let you draw on the table cloths, well actually it's a big piece of paper covering the table, but they give you crayons so you can.
Speaking of Montana's, and drawing on tables, daddy told me that in Mississauga there is one place that has a piece of his (pre-bunny hop) cartoon art. He says that it's a cartoon of a cowboy and a horse, but he can't recall if there was speech balloons and what they might have said. Daddy is going to do one of his cartoons (featuring bunnies) for this Montana's too.

There are only three days to go until we go to our second ComiCON, and I don't think I can wait that long. This time daddy is going to get dressed up as well, and pose for more pictures with me.

A little fun to end with, and it ties in with daddy's birthday and ComiCON. Daddy shares his birthday with a person who is responsible for the world having guys like the 501st, George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars and daddy's favorite director, was born on May 14th 1944, 28 years before daddy.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hoppy moms day

I don't really have a mommy, although daddy does fill some of the gaps. And grandma and my granty (Great grand aunt) fill the others. So to all the moms, with human or furkids, hoppy mother's day.

Here's the card daddy made for his mommy.

The card says "Mom! When it comes to raising a family, you have a black belt in mothering!"
 Daddy also gave her an anniversary card, grandma and grandpa's wedding anniversary is the same day as daddy's birthday (May 14th).
Speaking of daddy's Birthday, his worker, and now my favourite worker too, is taking us for a birthday dinner on Wednesday.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Honouring our soldiers

Yesterday was the National Day of Honour, which was to honour the men and women who served in the Afghan mission. Me and daddy went to a small ceremony here in the city, the big one was in Ottawa. This one was okay, but there wasn't a parade, or even a band (except for a trumpeter and piper). There were several soldiers, sailors and airmen (women), but they didn't do much. The Lieutenant Governor and his wife, a federal politician, and the deputy Mayor were all there. And, as daddy says, enough military brass to make several spittoons, army humor (ha ha).
After the ceremony we got to talking with people, and found a naval officer who had been in the 707 Squadron of the RCAR (Royal Canadian Air Cadets). He invited us to join him in the Officers Mess, which is very fancy. The 707th was merged with daddy's old squadron the 700th.
Today marks one week until ComiCON, and four days until daddy's birthday. Both events are going to be super fun, and I'm just vibrating with excitement.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So close

Super exciting events are coming up soon, and I just can't wait.

But before I tell you about future events, I want to tell you what me and daddy did for Star Wars day. We went to a Disney store for their party, we didn't quite know what to expect, but like most things from Disney, it was fun. They held a Jedi training class for the 'younglings' (the Jedi term they use for kids), they showed them how to use the Jedi mind trick, how to use a lightsaber, and how to fly an X-Wing. They had a interactive screen with Star Wars characters helping to teach the younglings, plus two of the staff playing the parts of 'Jedi Masters' Master Dee (a girl) and Master Craig (a boy). They had inflatable lightsabers for the kids to practice with, we got one, but lost it on the way home. After the training each youngling got a 'medal'.
My medal

The younglings in class
I of course had my own lightsabers, so I didn't really need the inflatable one.
The red one is my newest lightsaber.
We also got exclusive trading cards that they only handed out to kids (or bunnies) that came in costume.

Speaking of cards, daddy made up some business cards for our cartoons.

In just 6 days it's gonna be daddy's birthday, his very nice worker is taking us out to dinner that night. Then in 9 days we get to use daddy's birthday present from grandma, she got him a ticket to the next ComiCON. Two actresses from the original Superman are going to be there, and I hope that this time we can get their autographs. Also the guy that played Boba Fett is going to be there. And two of daddy's favorite cars are going to be there, the 1989 Batmobile and KITT from Knight Rider. Somewhere daddy has a picture of him standing beside the original KITT when he was in California, so it would be so cool to get a picture of us beside the new car.

And in two weeks is one of the fun days, Doors Open, where we get to see cool buildings.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sci-Fi Holidays

Okay there are two very important holidays in the Sci-Fi world, they both have to do with 6 (soon to be 7) great movies. Here's a hint, the first movie was released in 1977. Give up? I'm talking about Star Wars, one of the greatest movies of all time.
The dates for these holidays are May 1st, and May 4th. The one on the 1st is because of the way the date is written using numbers, 5/01, my very good friends at the 501st Imperial Garrison celebrate this, for obvious reasons. Like the Force the Star Wars fans celebrate the Light and Dark sides equally.
The next holiday is this Sunday, the 4th, because of the line "May the Forth be with you" which is a play on the goodbye the good guys use "May the force be with you".

On Sunday Disney stores will be holding Star Wars parties to celebrate. We of course will be attending the party, and we'll be getting a Star Wars pin for attending. Speaking of which, we've got more Star Wars stuff.
This is my new trinket for my stroller, this is the Sith side of it.

It is two sided, so if I feel like being a Jedi I display this side.
This is my new double bladed Lightsaber, red for the Sith

This is my Jedi Lightsaber

Here they are together.
Daddy also got himself something.
Daddy considers himself a Jedi

Our new reusable bag.
Oh and some big exciting news, as of this blog there is 11 days until daddy's birthday. He's already gotten his birthday present from Grandma, she got him a ticket to the upcoming ComiCON which is in 2 weeks. Which means we are going to our second ComiCON this year. And my friends from the 501st are going to be there, not to mention Margot Kidder (the original Lois Lane). But you'll just have to wait for the rest of the fun.