Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Get along little bunny

Yesterday daddy took me horseback riding, it was only the second time I've gotten to ride a horse, and it was just as fun as last time.
What was different this time was that daddy recorded the whole ride on video, now this ride was well over an hour long, so we had to cut it down to under 15 minutes. So what we've done is about 5 minutes each of the beginning, middle and end of the ride. And all thanks to daddy's inventiveness, our GoPro style camera and a rig daddy made.

Our horses name was Legend, and he was a very good (if a little on the goofy side) horse. We added something at the very end I thought was hilarious, but I'm not going to tell you, you'll just have to watch the whole video to find out.
And now on to some pictures.
Having a snack before going riding

This is the horse daddy wanted ride

This is daddy's view of Legend
After our ride daddy got a picture taken of us.
Me, daddy and Legend
 I got to get down and play after daddy had lunch, and while I was doing that daddy cleaned my stroller. I guess I should back up a little, I've been having issues with my teeth again, so daddy and mommy Louise took me to see Dr Munn. I've got an appointment on Tuesday to have my teeth looked at again. But because I am on Metacam it sometimes gives me diarrhea, which is why daddy had to clean my stroller.
Gotta clean up a bit, after daddy cleaned me

Lots of new things to see and smell (and chin)
 After the bus ride back to the city I was exhausted, actually so was daddy.
I rested my cheek on daddy's hand and had a nap on the rest of the way home.
 I am happy to announce that most of my vet bill has been covered, the bulk being nearly $600.00, there is still $250.00 that needs to be taken care of. My friend from Switzerland came to my rescue again, she's the one covering the big part of the bill. But Dr Munn wants to do x-rays as well, which is what the 250 is for.
If you want to donate some funds, you can find that information by going to my Facebook page, that link is at the top right of this blog. From there go to the about section of the page, and it will give you instructions on how and where to donate money.

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