Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, July 27, 2014

waiting, why must I always wait

In 12 days from this post my mommy Louise returns to me, and daddy to I guess.

On Friday daddy was out shopping with Hopper (you know, the little brat that daddy rescued, AKA Luke Skyhopper). Well he met up with a nice lady at the grocery store and they were talking about, who else, Hopper. But it was the ladies accent that made daddy sad, you see the lady grew up in London, England, so she had a British accent. Which reminded daddy of mommy Louise, and that she hadn't been here for 2 weeks. Had I been there I could have told daddy that we would be seeing her again in another 2 weeks, she returns on August 8th. It also made him sad because he lost the present we got for her as a welcome home gift. When we were at the Big On Bloor festival me and daddy found the perfect gift, it was a small glass bunny.
The welcome home present
It was perfect, the only thing it needed was a proper box to put it in, so the next day me and daddy went out to get a box. I told daddy not to bring it, but he said he needed it to get the right size box. Well, somewhere between the store where we got the box, and home daddy lost it. And because it was in a small plastic bag, and wrapped in paper, the only thing that would distinguish it from trash was a blue ribbon tied in a bow keeping the bag closed. There isn't even a remote chance that someone found it and turned it in to a lost and found. There is a bright spot to this, there are still two more festivals coming up where we might find something similar.

As for me and daddy, we are still in the temporary apartment, but we've borrowed an air conditioner, so we at least are somewhat comfortable. Although daddy is complaining about sleeping on an air mattress on the floor, I don't really see what he's complaining about, it's super comfy.
Daddy's bed (my bed now)

I don't know what daddy is complaining about

Dreaming of my own air mattress

I wonder if they make air mattresses in bunny size?
And I must say, the air mattress is way more comfy then the floor, case in point.
I can't seem to get comfortable on a bare floor.
Daddy and grandma both told me that they don't make air mattresses in bunny size, so I shouldn't get used to taking naps on it, darn it.

We went to a music festival called the Beaches Jazz festival on Friday, we talked to a lot of people, and told them about this blog, and handed out some of the business cards. We also told the ones who said they have bunnies about Bunfest, which is coming up at the end of September.
We even got to take a picture with another company spokes animal, this one was from the car company KIA. KIA has, for some reason, decided to have three hamsters dressed in tuxedos be their spokes animals, yeah, I don't get it either.
I think a bunny in a tux would be way better.
Daddy also found me a new t-shirt in a dollar store, this one suits me to a T.
Me in my new t-shirt

It tells everyone who is really in charge.
As of right now, mommy Louise returns in exactly 12 days and 30 minutes.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mommy has gone away

Yep, by daddy's calculations mommy Louise should be in England by now, which means we should be getting either an email or a phone call from her shortly. She took the bear I gave her in her carry on, so that she could take pictures of it in the plane. Daddy even found out what kind of plane she was flying in, it's a 747-400 Jumbo jet.
Like this one
This is what the seating might look like, we're not sure if it is.
Mommy Louise had to fly to Amsterdam first, then fly on a different plane to get to England. She flew on a Fokker 70.
This is a Fokker 70
At least we think this is the kind of plane she took. Anyway, daddy checked and both planes landed safely.

On to other things now, daddy took little Skyhopper out on his first big adventure yesterday. They went grocery shopping, daddy carried him all the way there and all the way back. Which meant they didn't use MY stroller, so I don't have to go and rechin everything again. Ooh, that's a good word, hang on a sec...... Okay I added rechin to the Bunny Dictionary. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Hopper as daddy calls him (I call him little pest), found a great place to ride. On daddy's combat vest there is a pouch for putting a canteen in, well, daddy found that it also fits his tablet, and small bunnies.
Hopper hiding in the pouch
Daddy's pouch has rabbit ears.
Daddy says that Hopper was a very good boy, and didn't get scared nearly as much as he thought he would. Daddy says that he is training Hopper to take my place when that day should come, he doesn't really like to think of things like that, but he knows that I won't be around forever. So I guess daddy having a substitute for when I'm not feeling well is okay, just so long as they DON'T use MY stroller when they go out.
See that cilantro there, Hopper ate all of it in one go.

Daddy gave him two more pieces of cilantro and he gobbled those up too.
 Yes, I think Hopper is going to grow up to be like me, very cuddly, smart, very brave, and super cute (although not nearly as soft as I am).

Daddy says that we might go with uncle Matthew over to our favorite beach on the weekend, which will be fun, I haven't seen uncle Matthew since Bunfest last year. Daddy says we need a boys day out at the beach, so as uncle Matthew puts it, we can ogle the babes (rolling my eyes). Daddy had better not "ogle" any babes, or I'll tattle on him to mommy Louise.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mommy is going away

Mommy Louise is going to England on Tuesday, and I won't get to see her. Mommy Louise and daddy both assured me that she'd only be gone for a month, and then she would be back to do all sorts of fun stuff with us. I was a little unsure of that, so I got daddy to help me get a going away present for her.
This is the teddy bear I got her for her trip

This is the collar with my name engraved on it.

We didn't know if this was for England, it could have been from Outer Mongolia for all we knew.

I'm giving the bear his finally instructions for his trip
 I told him that he was going to be my temporary replacement, and he has to protect mommy Louise while she is in England.
Sunday I presented her with her body guard teddy, she loved it.
This is mommy Louise with her new body guard teddy.

Now Saturday was a boys day, me and daddy went to see the Argos home opener, this year it was against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. And this year was really cool, they had the roof open.
Warm ups on the field with the roof open

This was our seat number

I wear my Argos pride on my back.
The Argos beat the pads off the Roughriders 48 - 15.

Oh, and one more thing before I end this. When we met up with mommy Louise on Sunday she got me and daddy presents, I got a new stuffie, and daddy got 6 new DVD movies.
First my new stuffie.
My new stuffie, it's R2D2

And he talks too
The 6 movies daddy got are Men In Black 1 and 2 (which completes his MiB collection, he's already got MiB 3), he also got Battlestar Galactica, Flash Gordon, Dune and The Last Starfighter. I think my present is way more fun. Daddy says we will be able to talk to mommy Louise when she is England, and actually see her talking to us at the same time. Daddy called it Skite, I think, it uses a webcam so that the other person can see you, and you can see them in real time.