Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday for my great grand aunt

Today we finally got a chance to take my great grand aunt to see Brave, it was a very special treat for her because her birthday is on August 5th, so it was daddy's present to her, although he did have a bit of an ulterior motive, getting special points to go see a movie for free. AND I saw the movie that I want daddy to save the points for, the new Superman movie is coming out next year, and it'll give me an excuse to wear my Superbun cape.

Speaking of Superbun, daddy is starting on the new cartoon series today, and you have probably guessed it has to do with superheros. Daddy is calling it Justice League of Bunnies, so Superbun (Superman), Batbun (Batman), Green Lapin (Green Lantern), Wonderdoe (Wonder Woman), and Flash. Daddy is still working on the other members of the JLB, and as soon as he gets the cards done we'll post pictures of them.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Toronto Beaches International Jazz Festival 2012

On Friday and Saturday me and daddy went to a jazz festival, it was okay but there were only a couple of bands that daddy liked, and none, not a single one that I liked. But I was there to support daddy and help sell his cards, we sold a lot and people love them. On the back of each one is daddy's email, and the address for this blog, and considering all the money raised is going to our friends at Rabbit Rescue to help with the homeless bunnies there, people were snatching up cards. You can find out more about Rabbit Rescue here.

Speaking of Rabbit Rescue I should do a bit more shameless advertising for an upcoming event to help them out, at the end of September (September 23rd 2012 to be exact). It is the bunny event of the year, the dogs have woofstock, we bunnies have Bunfest. I've been to all of them, and it is a really fun time. I've met both traveling bunnies from Bunspace there, Pantouf and Pacer (they are stuffed bunnies, Pacer travels in the US, Pantouf travels the world). I've gotten my nails clipped, had a "glamor shot" picture taken, and gotten my absolute favorite treat 'oat groats' there. You can find out more about Bunfest by going here.

We stayed REALLY late both days, well the street festival didn't start until after 6 pm, but we didn't get home until after midnight both days. It was fun, and I got to light up my stroller again, which is rare to begin with. It really attracts peoples attention to me and the stroller, and this time helped sell cards.

The poutine loving Vulcan we saw at Big on Bloor was at this festival too, which was weird.

Daddy has to get more of the cards he uses to make the ones we sell, and he is going to be doing a specialty batch. Daddy was inspired to draw these when he did a Superbun cartoon, so he is doing a Justice League of Bunnies series. Flash, Green Lantern, Wonderdoe (Wonderwoman), Batbun (Batman), and Superbun (Superman) are the cartoons he's figured out so far. Once he gets the cards he'll start doing the new series.

It got really dark

A weird light up palm tree

This was taken with no flash

That weird palm tree again, and some of the crowd

Day two, and I'm having a run on the grass

ACHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! bless me. No, not really I'm just cleaning my face.

My stroller all lit up

This is Pantouf, I met her at the very first Bunfest I went to, holding her is the mom of one of my bunny friends

This is Pacer, met him at the second Bunfest I went to, he was visiting Toronto from USA and dropped in on Bunfest.

My glamor shot.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Saying goodbye to an old friend

Sometime last evening my rat brother Callahan passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. We are all sad that he passed, and he will be dearly missed. One of daddy's favorite pet (at the same level as us bunnies), are rats. Daddy says that rats and bunnies are very similar in many ways, we seek attention from our humans, we can both be taught to use a litter box, and most of all like to play.
Although people think rats are ugly and gross, they are missing out on a great pet, daddy thought that way once, but then he found the friendly side to pet rats and just how full of personality they are. The terrible thing is a rats short life span, just three years.
In a few weeks we will begin a search for a new baby rat, to fill the void left by Callahan's passing. Once we find the right one we will post a blog with pictures of the new addition to our family.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Youth Day 2012

Today was Youth Day 2012, it is for, well, young humans. There were lots of things to do and see, neither me or daddy liked the music they were playing. And it did rain HARD for a little while, then it sprinkled off and on for the rest of the time.

I did really love one part of the festival, I got to meet a very nice lady, she's a cheerleader for the Toronto Rock (they are the lacrosse team).

After the rain had stopped we sat and tried to sell more of daddy's cards (no one bought any *THUMP*), but I did get to stretch my legs a bit and looked really cute.
Don't know what her name was, but she was really nice.

I got an itchy butt

'scuse me Zhu I need foods

Stay outta the way Zhu

Boy, looking cute for so long is really tiring

Hmmmmm, how to get people to buy daddy's cartoons.

Maybe if I look like I'm falling asleep people will buy

Saturday, July 21, 2012

BIG on Bloor

Today was the day that I've been looking forward to, I got go see my costume designer. She owns a company called Fancy Pants Kids, she makes costumes for kids to dress-up and play in. She bought one of daddy's cards, and is going to link to this blog from her site, and I am going to do the same for her, so you can go to her site by going here. It was three years ago that we first met Gretel at BIG on Bloor, daddy had a booth WAY down the street from her, and it rained ALL day that day. Today it only sprinkled a little bit for a few minutes, which is par for the course for this festival.
We've set a personal record, two cards in two days, that is worth mentioning.

Now back to what happened at the festival, I can now cross off three new kinds of animals that I've met. Three parrots, a flamingo and a KANGAROO. Daddy says that the kangaroo was just as much of a troublemaker as I am, he even tried to pick a fight with the flamingo at one point. I didn't know this, but flamingos can hold their own against a kangaroo, this one almost gave the kangaroo a good pecking on the head. I'm going to have to remember this, don't get on the bad side of a flamingo.

There are two new places that we plan on going to, The Toronto Zoo, and the Ontario Science Centre.
Some of the Fancy Pants Kids stuff

The Kangaroo (he is even wearing a harness like me).

The Flamingo

This is a bubble making machine, in this picture it was making the "&" sign.

Wearing my Superbun cape

The business card

Me with the card

My favorite thing, greens with watermelon dressing (I only get it after I eat some watermelon). See the blur in the bottom left corner, that's me eating.

My new soccer ball

What to eat, well what little there is left to eat.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guest Blogger ASH

Right now, today July 18th 2012 I am on Daily Bunny which you can find here, it's my first time being on a bunny website outside of this blog and Bunspace.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrating a 110th anniversary

Today marks the 110th anniversary of one of the most important inventions ever, at least for residents of areas where we get VERY hot weather.
That's right today the cool box (air conditioner) is 110 years old.
A very smart person (for a human), named Willis Carrier, invented a way to remove the humidity from the air, it led to the modern air conditioner. The company this man founded is still around, The Carrier Air Conditioning Company.
So, let us bask in the cool comfort of the nearest cool box, and thank Willis Carrier for inventing something that we can't live without.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What a waste of rain

All the rain we had yesterday did absoultely nothing to drop the tempratures or green up the grass. Sure there are a couple of green spots here and there, but it's still basically brown. And the heat is still yucky, making me droop.

One of daddy's friends was at a thing called a ribfest yesterday, people there got hurt by lightning that hit the ground and traveled into a tent they were in. Lucky for the friend he had the brains (and a weather radar app on his phone) both of which told him to leave before the storm got there.

Here is a friendly reminder and a warning about thunderstorms. Lightning can hit something from up to 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) away from a storm, so if you hear thunder the safest place to be is inside a building (tents don't work as the incident yesterday proves), and trees aren't a good place to seek shelter either (lightning will hit the tallest object i.e. a tree). So get inside a permanent building when you hear thunder, and heed the weather warnings.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We've got rain

And boy do we ever have rain. It's been raining buckets here (wear your hardhats, those buckets hurt). It's been raining heavily for the last 45 minutes, with frequent lightning, thunder and pea size hail.
I'm hiding inside my tent, and not coming out until the storm passes, I've got some hay, my greens, and my Carrot bunny stuffie in here. I may have to get daddy to move my tent into the front hall, if we have a tornado watch.
Not to worry though, daddy tells me that we are to close to the lake for a tornado to form.
I'm really glad daddy decided to stay home, he was going to go out and try to sell his art.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A very special blog today

We are wishing one of our loyal readers (Shazz) a very Hoppy belated Birthday, it was on the 10th of July.
Here are the lucky famous people who share Shazz's Birthday.
  • 1980 ---- Jessica Simpson
  • 1972 ---- Sofia Vergara
  • 1945 ---- Ron Glass (Barney Miller)
  • 1926 ---- Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster)
  • 1921 ---- Harvey Ball (created the Smiley)
  • 1920 ---- David Brinkley (newsman)
  • 1917 ---- Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard)
  • 1856 ---- Nikola Tesla (inventor)
You can find out who is lucky enough to share your birthday by going here.

Now back to your regluar schedualed blog.........

Our city has issued ANOTHER extreame heat alert, that's the third one this year. The nice green grass that I like to eat is turning into the brown of some of the more disgusting hay that daddy used to get, there hasn't been more then a few drops of rain here and there for several weeks. The weather people are calling it the Toronto effect, rain all around us and a great big hole right over top of Toronto. Daddy also told me that the jetstream (it's like a highway for weather systems), is WAY up north of where it should be, and so all the rain we would normally get is going across there. I may have to go do some bunstruction and reroute the jetstream back to where it should be, all I have to do is thump at it a couple times and that should do the trick.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest blogger Ash

I've got something Sunki doesn't have, I've got a monkey stuffie. I just got him so I'm still try to get a name for him, as soon as we have a name we'll let everyone know. And if our loyal readers have a suggestion let us know in the comments section

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fresh veggies

It has been asked if the bags we got keep the greens fresh. Well, it's been 4 days since we put the carrot tops in the bag, and they are still green and fresh.
See for yourself, these pictures were taken just a couple of minutes ago.

The carrot tops and cilantro that we put in last Thursday, still green and NOMMIE

In the bag, if these same things were kept in a plastic bag would have gone bad days ago.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Farmers Markets and more

Today me and daddy went to a Farmers Market, where we got some carrot tops, my favorite part of the carrot. Those carrots are gross, that part that the humans eat, ewwwww. It grows underground in the dirt, and they put cow poop on it. Carrot tops grow above ground, away from the dirt and cow poop.
Daddy bought some special bags for our greens, they are supposed to keep them clean and fresh, but still let the bad gases they release from spoiling them.

After the farmers market we went across to one of our favorite pet stores called "Wag on the Danforth", the lady that runs the store is really nice, and treats all of us bunnies good. She doesn't put out treats for us bunnies like she does for the dogs, but then we're the only bunnies that come in there.
Anyway daddy got us some hay, from Bourne Free Farms, they are an all natural hay company. Bourne Free is one of the sponsors of Rabbit Rescues "Bunfest"at the end of September.

Daddy says that I should get to bed early because we might be going to the beach for a bit tomorrow, or we might go see Spiderman, or the Outdoor Art Exhibition. I'm voting for the Art show or beach myself, but daddy says it's going to be super hot tomorrow, so maybe it'd be better to do something inside a building equipped with a cool box.

The greens bags daddy got for our greens

The carrot tops in one of the new greens bag

The Bourne Free Farms hay package

We'll see about if we like it, or we'll be switching back to Oxbow.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hoppy Birthday to my human cousin

Today my human cousin turns a whole 6 years old, daddy says that he really loves him, just not as much as he loves us bunnies.
We do have his present, it's wrapped and ready, we just have to get it to him.
As has been the tradition in our family, here are the famous people that are lucky enough to share his birthday.
  • Malia Obama ---------------------------------------------------1998
  • Mike (The Situation) Sorrentino ---------------------------------1982
  • Geraldo Rivera --------------------------------------------------1943
  • Floyd Little ------------------------------------------------------1942
  • George Steinbrenner ---------------------------------------------1930
  • Gina Lollobrigida ------------------------------------------------1927
  • Neil Simon ------------------------------------------------------1927
  • Eva Marie Saint (Superman's mom) -----------------------------1924
  • Leona Helmsley -------------------------------------------------1920
  • Anne Landers ---------------------------------------------------1918
  • Abigail Van Buren (Twin sister of Anne Landers) -----------------1918
  • Edward Craven Walker -----------------------------------------1918
  • Mitch Miller -----------------------------------------------------1911
  • Gloria Stuart ----------------------------------------------------1910
  • Rube Goldberg -------------------------------------------------1883
  • Calvin Coolidge ------------------------------------------------1872
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi ---------------------------------------------1807

Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day turns out to be lucky

I guess July 1st really is lucky for me, daddy ran into the same sort of problem he did last time we tried to go up the tower, but a better result. At first we were hopeful that we would get to go up without any problem, that was dashed when we got to the security check point. We ended up outside talking to the supervisor, as you can tell it turned out good. But for 30 minutes it was looking rather bad for us, the supervisor finally came out and allowed us to go up the tower, with the redundant instructions that people weren't allowed to touch me etc.

I still managed to have fun, the elevator goes faster then I thought it would, to go from the ground to the lookout level (1136ft) it only takes 58 seconds. And the VIEW, well that is something else.
Rogers Centre (Skydome) from 1136ft up, the Jays were playing at the time.

The Bell/TIFF Lightbox building, me and daddy have been in this building too

Inside are these monitors, they show live pictures of the people outside on the Edgewalk

This is the Outdoor Sky Terrace, it is VERY windy out here, it is 1122ft up.

Where that arrow is pointing is the building we live in 8 miles away from the tower

In my stroller on the glass floor, the glass can hold five full grown elephants

You can see my stroller on the left side of the picture

Look at how cool the view is.
A picture of me and daddy, everyone gets one taken, but not everyone buys them

Out on the Terrace with the city in the background

That is Billy Bishop airport (Toronto Island Airport) over there.

Centre Island

The white at the bottom of the picture, that's the big balloon I told you about

The 3D crystal keychain daddy had made, the inscription says (Sunki's 1st trip CN Tower 2012), it hangs on my stroller.

We also went and saw my great grand aunt, and tried to fix her computer, it didn't work because of the keyboard she wanted to use. But that allowed us to kill a few hours before having to make the trek to see the fireworks. I should say that the trip to get to her place was an adventure in itself, see the Spanish that live in the city caused a real problem with their celebrations, which added to the other road problems already there, and made the traffic problems multiply. A trip that would have taken only a few minutes took more then an hour.

Well I'll post more about my adventure tomorrow, right now though both me and daddy need to go to bed, considering we've been out and about for more then 12 hours streight. We left our house at noon, and didn't get back until midnight.