Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, September 29, 2012

My new special stuffie

Yesterday me and daddy were out getting stuff to build my pirateship, and we found a new stuffie for me. It's a small teddybear, but not just any old bear, no, this one is very special. You see the money raised from the sale of these bears and other things, goes to help very smart people find a cure for a very serious illness called cancer.
My human family has been lucky enough to avoid getting cancer, but the furry side of the family hasn't been so lucky. I had an older sister at one time, and she got cancer and had to be helped across the Rainbow Bridge by a vet. So daddy figures that if they find a cure for cancer for humans then animals will be helped too.

My new stuffie

See the pink ribbon on his foot, that makes him special

My older sister who died of cancer

Monday, September 24, 2012

The official Bunfest report


By: Sunki and Casper

Well, that was sure an exciting day. Oh, Oh, I'm supposed to add more to this then just that.

Daddy got involved in reading a book last night, and so was working on only a few hours sleep. I on the other paw was sort of ready to go, I did manage to sleep for a bit on the TTC.
Once we got to Bunfest it was already started, so we didn't get to see the opening ceremonies. But we did get there then had a great time.

We met up with my friend Lancalot's (Lancy for short cause she's a girl) mommy and daddy, we like them. Lancy was maid of honor at their wedding, and next month she'll be a big sister to her new human brother. We met Nova, and Pika (she is a Flemish Giant, that I sort of have a crush on, although I think the opposite would happen). and lots more bunnies then I can name, these are my friends from Bunspace BTW.

Daddy got us more of the hay that all seven of us bunnies like (Bourne Free Farms brand), and it was a great price $5.00 for a bag that normally costs twice that. Of course we also got our free bag of loose hay and willow leaves (I'm a VIB at these events), and the people that bag the hay always give me a bag for free, but daddy forgot it when we left to come home, it isn't a big loss we've got more then enough hay to last well into next month, and me and daddy were working on fumes.

We even saw the stroller that we REALLY, REALLY WANT!!!!!! It was camouflage! Why don't the petstores around here carry something like that, all they have is either blue or pink strollers how boring is that. Speaking of bunny strollers, each year there are more and more strollers at Bunfest (but none are like mine), although one came close with designs done in stick on rhinestone like things. Wait, if people are getting ideas from my stroller, I'm going to have to work on something even better for next year, hmmmm, maybe a rockin sound system to go with my lights.

Daddy was rather hungry after we got there, so he decided to try the vegitairian food, his comment was that he was born an omnivore and would stick to having veggies as a topping for burgers. But if people like that kind of thing it's fine, more meat for him.

There was a Carrot eating contest (shredded not whole), and only the humans could compete, which is fine by me, I wouldn't eat even a tiny piece of carrot in a contest..... unless the prize was a camouflage stroller, then maybe. Daddy did get video of the contest, and did an interview with the winner. Please forgive the shakiness of this video, I told daddy to bring the tripod, but does he listen to me, nooooooo. Don't worry I gave daddy the bunny butt after we watched the raw video, and told him he should have listened to me.

There was lots more to see and do so here is a small sampling of things. Bunny nail art: where humans could get a bunny themed finger nail polish. Glamor shots: professionally done pictures of your bunny (I got mine done two years ago). Bunspa (I.E. torture central): nail trimming and brushing..... can you tell I don't like getting groomed. Vet advice: from not just one but two bunny savvy clinics. Bunny proofing/and NIC cages: this is where novice bunny owners learn how to build condos and make rooms safe for their buns. The nibbles lounge and cafe: Sort of like those child care centres in shopping malls, you drop off your bunny so they can stretch get something to eat use the litterbox etc. The Rainbow Bridge: where you can honor your bunnies who have crossed over the bridge in the last year, thankfully we haven't had any of those losses in our family this year. The arts and crafts table: where humans can make simple bunny toys, daddy made me a 'bell'. AND the most important spot at Bunfest, the store: where you can buy toys and treats galore for the buns in your life. There were lots of other things to numerous to mention here, but everyone and everybun had a great time.

Heading to Bunfest

You can see my volunteer badge, daddy had one too

Official Volunteer, Sunki event reporter. I like that.

Taking a break to let daddy's back rest, oh I forgot daddy had a slipped disk in his back and had to go to the hospital on Wednesday.

One of the many adoptable buns, it's got the same tunnel as I have.

Another of the adoptables, although I must say that my tent is way better then this one.

Getting ready for the carrot eating contest

Me and Haviva, she's the whole reason Rabbit Rescue exists, I wanted to interview her, but got distracted by a pretty girl bunny passing by.

The Arts and crafts table

Making paper cup bells, daddy had to use his knife on some of the beads to open the holes up.

The paper cup bell daddy made me.

There's something you don't see every day, a shopping cart full of buns. I should know, I've been to lots of stores and have never, not once seen a shopping cart full of buns.

The sign out on the street..... Do you think this is where Bunfest is being held?
My 'PRESS' badge

Still on the way, TTC service sucks on Sundays.

Having lunch, nom, nom, nom
Oh, one last thing, we got a surprise at Bunfest. The family that we adopted Annabelle and Candi from were there. They've still got their mom and dad, and they are doing great.

This year was one of the better Bunfests, daddy could actually make the trip without needing to change transit systems (the first ones were held in Mississauga, the city next to Toronto), and daddy didn't end up in the hospital like he did after last years Bunfest, of course if he hadn't we never would have gone to the new art group, or seen the nice therapist.

Me and daddy are completely exhausted, in fact this blog was put on hold because we both fell asleep at the computer after just starting it. That's what happens when you stay up all night reading a book, and only get an hours worth of sleep.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Miniblog 1

Well we made it, we've been here for quite some time.
So far I've gotten two bags of hay, some willow branches (with leaves). Some treats, and bunches of pictures and video. Especially the carrot eating contest, but you'll have to wait for that.

I need energy

Well we're on the way to Bunfest, and I'm catching a few zzzzzzzz in my stroller on the way there, daddy was overly excited last night and got to involved with reading a book, before he knew it, it was going on 7:00am. Well long story short, daddy and I didn't make the connections we needed to, so we'll be arriving a few minutes late. But, with our job we don't need to be there early, as long as we do a great report on it.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

16 hours to go

Just under 16 hours until Bunfest 2012. We're all set to go, all batteries are charged, all memory cards are checked for space, and my press badges are done and ready to go.
*claps paws together* I'm so excited.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I have a job at Bunfest

This Sunday (Sept 23rd 2012) Rabbit Rescue is holding their 5th annual Bunfest, and yours truely is the official reporter. On Sunday we will be posting mini updates here from Bunfest, and then I'll post the big official report when we get home. We will have some video interviews with the humans and buns, lots of pictures and a written report too.

Daddy is making me a 'PRESS' badge like the old newspaper reporters wore. I'm so excited that I'm bouncing off the walls, I just can't wait.

Doing reports on events is nothing new to me, I've done them before on trips I've taken with daddy before, like horseback riding, apple picking, and several others.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A fun date tomorrow

Tomorrow is International Talk like a Pirate day, so that is September 19th 2012. We found me some stuff to use for my pirateship, when we were out daddy found a treasure chest but we couldn't find any gold to put in it. That changed last night, daddy was getting ready to do some nail clipping and came across a package of St Patrick's day gold coins. I figure that I'm a Scottish pirate, so Irish gold is fair game.

I did some research and my Pirate name is going to be Captain Bunny Kidd, I am named after Captain William Kidd (Captain Kidd) he was a Scottish privateer (pirate). I will now switch to my pirate persona to close this blog.

Avast me hearties, I got a load o booty that I pillaged from an Irish ship.
Me Irish booty

The top of me treasure chest

Me treasure chest
If you want to learn how to talk like a pirate you can go to this site here.

There are two events, there is a parade for our Canadian Olympians on Friday morning, I'm sort of looking forward to that. BUT what I am really looking forward to is Bunfest on Sunday.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm on Daily Bunny

Me and my light-up stroller are on Daily Bunny today.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another important birthday

Today is my grandma's birthday, again I'm not sure of her age, but she is slightly younger then grandpa. Daddy has already delivered her birthday card to her, and we'll call her later tonight when she gets home from work.
Me and daddy are sort of planning to go downtown today and see if we see any of the big Hollywood stars that are in town for the Film Festival.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bunfest 2012

There is an event that my family look forward to all year, and is just for bunnies. This event is called Bunfest and is held in support of Rabbit Rescue. As of the writing of this blog there is 12 days 18 hours and 30 minutes to go till the biggest event in bunnydom.

I've been to all of them, and met some pretty important people and bunnies there. In fact I'm pretty famous there too, just because I do all sorts of traveling.

There is TONS of stuff to see and do, talk to a rabbit vet. Get farm fresh hay (a HUGE bag full). They've got a cafe for us buns to hop around and have a snack and use the litter box. Glamor shots, where a bunny can get a professional photo taken. A spot where a human can make a toy for us to play with. And a place for torturing of buns, nail clipping and fur brushing. But they have TONS of toys to buy too.

This is Pantouf and me. Pantouf travels the world on behalf of Bunspace.

Me and Pacer, Pacer travels only through the USA, and went on vacation to visit us in Canada

Torture area, nail clipping and fur brushing

Outside playing at Bunfest 2010

My goat I got in one of the grab bags at Bunfest

Some of the content of the grab bag at bunfest

Some of the stuff daddy bought for us
Our "green" shopping bag

The other side of the "green" shopping bag

This is my glamor shot.

My signs from last year

One of my all time favorite treats, oatgroats, we can only get them at Bunfest.

This is called a "tidy feeder", it has hay in it, but it has a major design flaw, it's made of cardboard. Which makes it more of a "messy feeder"

This is the bag of Farm fresh hay, they packed it for me for free.

Notepad from our favorite food manufacturer Martin
Poster for Bunfest 2012
And you can find more information on Bunfest here.

Nessie is still elusive as ever

No such luck again, our search for a stuffed Nessie for me came up empty again. I know there is such a thing, we've seen it, but as with the real Nessie, people don't believe that it exists.
Daddy got me the little leprechaun to make up for not finding Nessie.

We are going to be doing some research on how to do a Steampunk pirate ship, daddy already found me a treasure chest, but no gold pizzas to put in it, why anyone would want to put gold on to a pizza and put it in a treasure chest is really odd.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I caught some luck

Looky what I caught, daddy says that now I'll be able to get a pot of 24 gold carrots.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pirate ship Stroller

Daddy is working out how to make my stroller look like a pirate ship for Halloween, complete with masts and sails, and maybe a cannon or three and rocket launchers, and machineguns.
Oops, daddy says pirate ships didn't have rocket launchers and machine guns.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

checkout my stroller

Check out my stroller, daddy finished attaching the lights, now except for Christmas this is how my stroller will stay. For Christmas we will be adding a couple more strings of lights.

Oopsie forgot

On Monday (Sept 3rd) was my grandpa's birthday, I'm not really sure how old he is, and I asked daddy and he didn't know either. I know he is really old.
Speaking of my grandpa, he is getting better after his knee surgery. He is using a cane and a walker to get around. We don't think that he will be joining us at Bunfest at the end of the month, but we will still be going.

Daddy is taking me to one of my other Favorite Scottish festivals this weekend, this one me and daddy can get to on our own. I am hoping that daddy will be able to find the Nessie stuffy that he didn't find at Georgetown in June, I hope so, having my own Nessie would be so cool.

We are also looking forward to the next little while, TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is in town, which also means BIG stars are going to be in town, George Clooney is one. We will have to see if we can meet a few big stars, so keep watching because we'll be posting as soon as we meet one, and get a picture with them.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My airshow pin

Daddy got me a new pin for the stroller, it shows that I was at the airshow. It's from the RCAF Snowbirds, one of my favorite aerobatic teams.

At the EX

Well, we made it, me and daddy are at the CNE today and we're going to watch the air show in 90 min from now.