Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Super excited

Today we got to see my CFL Grey Cup champion Argo's, well at least some of the cheerleaders. And here's the best part, daddy got a T-Shirt AND we got a ticket to go see the team at their home opener on June 28th, playing their arch-rivals the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

I get to go see my very first football game, Whoooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if we can only get the same sort of deal to see my Blue Jays, Rock, FC and Raptors. I'll have seen all the Toronto teams play.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Got my replacement toy

Okay, so a little back story. At the beginning of the month we had some cleaners in to help daddy get things cleaned up, daddy couldn't do it because of his back injury. Daddy had told the cleaners what they could throw away and what shouldn't be touched, our bunny stuff was at the top of the list. Despite those instructions my special Bunny IQ toy from Bunspace got thrown away. I posted a blog on Bunspace to vent about that, and one of my buddies sent me a message that they had an extra one of those toys. Well, that toy arrived yesterday.

My toy came all the way from Louisiana
Making sure everything arrived
Wait a second, there's no treats, this toy is broken

Okay, now there is treats, so the toy works now.

More treats in the other section.
Daddy just reminded me that I have to thank my Bunspace buddy Lovey who sent me this wonderful toy to replace the other one. When we were out yesterday we picked up more of my favorite treats, Martin Apple Dumpling and Banana Crunch.

Now on to some fun, while daddy and I were out yesterday we found a banner to put up around the house.
Over by our cages

By my fort
We are going to leave these banners up all year, not just for Easter.

Sunday there is going to be a big parade just for me, well, for bunnies. Okay it's an Easter parade, but I can pretend to be the Easter bunny can't I? Yesterday I was an Easter Bunny assistant, a little boy told me what he wanted to have for Easter, so I told him I would pass his wish to my friend EB (Easter Bunny, from HOP).
Tomorrow we are going to get two things, Rise of the Guardians DVD (it has an Easter Bunny that kicks butt), and two boomerangs (Easter Bunny's weapon of choice in Rise of the Guardians).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

That was false advertising

So yesterday me and daddy went to this new store called Target, we went all over that store and I didn't see a single shooting target anywhere. In fact I wasn't all that impressed, their pet section SUCKS only dogs and cats stuff.
Their grocery department was disappointing too, not a single piece of veggie to be seen.
Daddy compares Target as trying to be a more upscale version of Wal-Mart, most of the stuff is the same in both stores. But where Wal-Mart has McDonalds, Target has the more upscale Starbucks.

The only redeeming thing is the staff, some stores you can go a whole trip without seeing an employee, there you couldn't throw a poop without hitting one. And we didn't have a single problem with them, no one stopped us to complain about me being in the store.

This is only one store, so we are going to wait until we can get to at least one other store before we pass judgement. And the stores have been open for a while, the store we were in has only been open for less then a week.

Friday, March 22, 2013

We are going Target shopping

So, tomorrow me and daddy are going to this new store called Target, which from what I can figure is a store for selling targets that you shoot at. Why they would need a huge store for selling things to shoot at, well, I can't figure a lot of stuff out, but this has me stumped. I guess we'll just have to see tomorrow.

Me and daddy were helping my great grand aunt, her printer busted, and it can't be fixed. So daddy helped her by ordering a new one online, me and him are going to go get it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Guest Blogger: Groucho Marx

Wow, that Sunki is such a blog hog. I whined and complained to daddy that I needed to post to the blog, and it's only now that I managed to get some time on the computer.

Okay, now for my big announcement, yesterday March 17th was my birthday, I am a whole 4 years old (and still as cute as ever). And what did I get for my birthday? A birthday salad? A new toy? Nope, I got my cage cleaned, fur brushed, and nails clipped. What sort of birthday present is that?

On a bright note, daddy has said that I will get a birthday salad, and a new toy at the end of the month. And once we get pictures of that I will post those, in the mean time here is a picture from a few years ago.

I'm such a handsome little bun

Thursday, March 14, 2013

We won, We won!!!!!!!

So as I've posted before tonight was the big hockey game, well it was a great day. The last game we saw the Marlies lost, this time they did lots better, winning 2-1 over the Lake Erie Monsters. And it was even better this time because I was in my stroller, and we had my uncle Matthew with us. It was lucky we had him there, the food vendors only took cash, and daddy didn't think of going to the bank before hand.

Daddy got me a new flag for my stroller (Marlies to go with my Leafs flag), and a new pin.

The Marlies arena

Cheering on my Marlies

My Marlies flag, that's uncle Matthews hand.

My Marlies pin and my Leafs thing

There was lots of fighting in this game, all started by the other team

Me with all my flags on my stroller.
This Sunday is St Patrick's day, me, daddy and my great grand aunt will be watching the parade, and as you can see by my stroller I am all set for the day of green.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daddy and I have a favorite Maple Leaf

His name is Joffrey Lupul, and the reason we like him is that he supports our men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces. His armed forces fans are called Lupe's Troops.

The jersey that daddy bought was the last one in his size, and it just happened to be a Lupul jersey. We only just realized the connection between the two, and everyone knows that me and daddy support our troops.

Daddy found this in Wal-Mart, and it was within his price range

He didn't really know who Lupul was at the time, just that it was a Leafs jersey he could afford.

My toy is on the way

My bunny friend sent me a message that they have put my toy in the mail, so it should be here by the end of the month.

Tomorrow we go see the Marlies play, it's gonna be so awesome, with me, daddy and Uncle Matthew there. And daddy picked up my hockey salad today, so I'm all set.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting one toy replaced

As I posted in my last blog one of my favorite toys got thrown away, well there is a really nice bunny on Bunspace that happens to have an extra one of those toys. So they are going to send us their extra one, this makes me and daddy very happy.

Speaking of Bunspace, today marks the 5th anniversary of being a member of that site. Which means that today also marks the 5th anniversary of me and daddy finding each other. [blows horns and launches confetti to celebrate].

I guess the hockey game on Wednesday is going to be our party for this occasion too, oh, and even more exciting my uncle Matthew is going to be coming to the game with us. I like him, he's a little odd, and cares for me just as much as daddy does.

We have an update on my future human cousin, we still don't know if it'll be a boy or girl, but we do know it was an accident. My aunt wasn't feeling well, so she went to see a doctor, the doctor put her on medication. After another week of being sick, and not getting better with the medication the first doctor put her on, she went to see her family doctor. He did some tests, and came back and said "your virus is due in October" LOL. Daddy showed me a picture of my future cousin, I will just be referring to it as cousin Blob, because that's what it looks like right now.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

More room to play, but less things to play with

A few years ago when daddy got home from hospital he had a hard time keeping our house clean, and it spiraled out of control and became really messy. Well it took about 5 months, but with the help of some agencies we got our place cleaned up. Daddy is going to be talking to a couple of agencies to see if he can get help to keep our place clean, he tried to do some of the work himself, but ended up with his back and leg being really sore and ended up needing to take pain medications and sleeping for a few hours.

You would think that this would make us happy, well it hasn't been very good. The cleaners that were here didn't follow daddy's instructions, and threw away a lot of very important things. Daddy told them NOT to touch any of our stuff, but my castle, a very good toy from Bunspace, and lots of my stuffies got thrown out (some of the stuffies CAN'T be replaced they were so rare). Daddy wasn't spared from losing things either, his Play Station 1 and all of it's games got stolen by the cleaners. A table that daddy used for all kinds of things (eating, doing art, using his computer), a pair of folding stools that daddy used to sit on to feed us.

A very generous bunny from Bunspace is going to send us a replacement for the toy from the Bunspace store, they have an extra one, so I told daddy and he gave me permission to reply with our address. Luckily my really rare stuffies from the shows I've seen were safely out with me in my stroller, others though will be impossible to replace.

Daddy was told about the problems with this agency years ago, but never believed those reports, now he's wondering how this agency is allowed to continue operating given all the stuff they are allowed to get away with.

This is a video of me playing with that toy from Bunspace.