Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I know what my party is

I know what my surprise birthday party is! (Sing song voice).
Daddy woke us up early, and by what was going on yesterday night, I had a pretty good idea. My party is going to be at FrostCon, which is another ComiCON. Daddy doesn't think my buddies from the 501st are going to be there, but I'm going to have loads of fun anyway.

Daddy just got an email from mommy Louise, she isn't going to be able to make it today. 😢😢😢 She isn't feeling well, and needs to rest because she goes in for surgery on her hand this week.😷

I'll have bunches of pictures, and even some video to post later tomorrow.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

tough week

Wow what a tough week we had, it started out great on Sunday, which was Robbie Burns Day, I'm going to start with that. We went to an old house downtown, it used to belong to a man named William Lyon Mackenzie, daddy told me that he was our cities first ever mayor a very long time ago. Anyway, we met up with mommy Louise and her roommate. We had to go down a very long, narrow staircase to the basement where we sat in a room with several other people talking until it was time for the event to start.
This is the video daddy took, the man reciting the Address to the Haggis also gives the translation to it, that way everyone can understand the words.
Wearing my tartan proudly

mmmmm, nommie parsley

Almost all gone

Listening to the Address to the Haggis

Our MC
On Monday me and daddy went to have dinner at a church, it was free for homeless and low income people. We've been going for a couple of weeks, and made a few friends there. This is where the problems that I referred to earlier happened, they served Chicken Parmasian and pasta and sauce with sausage pieces. On the way home daddy started not to feel good, daddy called 911. You see, he was having an allergic reaction to something he ate, sever enough that he needed to use his epipen. We were taken to the hospital by ambulance (my first time in an ambulance), the medics were really great and I made sure they took really good care of my daddy. By the time we got to the hospital daddy was starting to feel better, but they had to keep him there for awhile to monitor him.
The other ambulance crews were rather jealous of our crew, because they got to transport me (their first service bunny). The doctor and nurses were great to both of us, and made sure that both of us were okay.
This bed smells weird, even through my blanket

Smells weird here too

Guarding daddy from the strange noises.

Daddy and mommy Louise have been planning things, and I think something is going to happen this weekend, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my birthday. I can't really be sure, daddy has been emailing and texting, and I can't snoop because daddy has been locking his email and texts. Well, I guess I can wait for another two days to find out.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Something fishy going on

On Wednesday me and daddy went to see my granty (that's Great grand aunt), when we were finished there I told daddy we should send mommy Louise a text and see if she wanted to meet up. We were just about to board a bus when she replied that she could, but it would be a quickie (for some reason daddy found this hilarious, I couldn't figure out what was funny, and daddy said I didn't need to because it was grownup humor, I'll be 7 in a few days in rabbit years I'm older then daddy).
Anyway, we met up at a Tim Horton's and had a snack (daddy picked up some parsley and banana for me). Mommy Louise and daddy discussed plans for upcoming events, like Robbie Burn's day (which is this Sunday). And my birthday, but I only caught bits and pieces of that conversation, daddy kept covering my ears 😕. What I did figure out is that it will happen next weekend, it's going to be downtown, and mommy Louise is going with us. Other then that I still don't know what my party is going to be, or where exactly. It might mean dressing up, but I'm not sure if that's formal dressing up (my vest and bowtie), or Cosplay dressing up (in my Gray Jedi costume).

Oh, speaking of costumes, daddy has been redesigning his costume........ Again. We finally got the lights we ordered online, they came Wednesday, but we had to pick them up at the post office Thursday. Daddy redesigned the visor lights, now the whole visor lights up. He also put something new on the back, it's a water dispenser, it has a hose running from a collapsible water container to somewhere close to his helmet. This way he doesn't have to remove his helmet to have a drink, and he'll stay hydrated and able to function for longer periods of time in his costume. Now if that were only true for the rest of his body, what with bad legs and bad back he has to sit down and rest a lot.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More presents

On Sunday me, daddy and mommy Louise went on our first date of the New Year. We went to see a movie called The Imitation Game, it's about a man who breaks the Enigma code the Nazis were using during WW2. Daddy says he saw a lot of similarities between the man (whose name is Alan Turing), and himself. Daddy is part of a group on Facebook for people with Aspergers, and there has been a lot of discussion on there about this movie, almost all of it concerning if Turing had Aspergers. Which now that daddy saw this movie we agree that he must have, he showed all the signs of it. Lack of social skills, not looking at people he was talking to etc. Daddy also saw similarities between Turing and his girlfriend, and him and mommy Louise, which really hit daddy hard, more on that a little later.

The theater we saw the movie at was VIP, basically no one under 19 allowed. And wow, I think this has spoiled seeing movies in regular theaters for us. I'll start with the seats, they are Laz-E-Boy like recliners, so super comfy. Now the food, because it's not just plain old popcorn, candy and soda, no, it's so much more then that. They have menus! Each set of seats has two menus, and there is a lot of stuff on them, like poutine, hamburgers, salads etc. And you don't even need to get out of your seat to get the food, an attendant takes your order right there at your seat, you pay for it there too, then a waiter brings the food and drink to you.

Because this was our first date since November it was time to exchange Christmas presents, which means I can finally share what I got them at the mini-ComiCON.
This is the picture I bought to give to mommy Louise, Sasha and Coco
In the picture I'm the brown one laying on top of everybun, the grey one is Coco and the black one in back is Shasa. Mommy Louise really loved it, I knew she would.
Mommy Louise also brought my present, at least I thought it was just for me, until I saw the tag.
See, it says "To be shared"

These are the treats I have to share, I'm not sure I like any of these yet, so I'll be happy to share, until I'm sure I like them.
The gift bag with all the treats inside
There was also a card in the bag.

Front of the card
Inside of the card.
Oh, because it was a date me and daddy dressed up nice, which means I got to wear my new bowtie.
In my best, my tartan vest and my Star Wars bowtie.
Now for what happened afterward, we went to a coffee shop to talk after the movie. This is when mommy Louise tells daddy that next year she is moving back to England for good, daddy has been trying to process this information since Sunday and he hasn't been very happy since then. In fact I haven't seen daddy like this since early last year, he's retreated back into himself and gotten very quiet. I'm worried about him, with all the things going on since June he hasn't been very happy. The only thing keeping him going was his relationship with mommy Louise, and me of course, but I can only do so much for him.
There was a very rude employee at the coffee shop, we were discussing what was going to happen in the coming year. And this guy starts working nearby, which would have been fine, but then he started asking stupid questions. Daddy would have been fine with the interruption if it had been to ask about why I was in the store, but it wasn't, idiot wanted to know what breed, sex, name and age I was. Daddy ignored him and continued to talk to mommy Louise, hoping he'd get the hint that we had no intention of talking to him, it didn't work. Idiot just kept pestering, and daddy was getting more and more agitated, that's when mommy Louise stepped in and told him what he wanted to know.