Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bunfest update

We are at Bunfest and I've already gotten treats, a package of dried dandelion treats, nommie.

There are so many bunnies here, and almost all of them have strollers (none as cool as mine though).

More later when we get home.

Pre Bunfest update

In two hours we'll be at Bunfest, I say we because it won't be just daddy and me, uncle Matthew and Nattah will be coming too. For them it will be their first ever Bunfest.

Daddy got my old stroller back from grandma, so Nattah is going to use that to ride around in for her first time.

We've got so much work to do, daddy made a list of things that have to be done, it's nearly a page long!

Well, daddy says it's time to start getting ready to go, I'll try to post a quick update during our lunch break.

Friday, September 20, 2013

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I will now extend a greeting to all my loyal readers from my alterego Pirate Captain Bunn Kidd.

Avast me bucko's, greetings from yer Cap'n Bunn Kidd, me crew and I wish you all a hoppy Talk like a Pirate Day. Now get back to work ye scurvy dogs, else ye'll be kissing the gunner's daughter.

Okay, I'm back to being Sunki, and I will now translate from Pirate to English so you know what Cap'n Kidd said.

Hello my friends, greeting from your Captain Bunn Kidd, my crew and I wish you all a hoppy Talk like a Pirate Day. Now get back to work you disease ridden crew, or you'll be flogged.

Avast - Hello
Me - My
Bucko - Friend
Cap'n - Captain
Scurvy dogs - disease ridden
Kissing the Gunner's Daughter - Bent over a cannon and flogged

To celebrate we found a new Pirate flag for my stroller (ship), and here is some intresting facts about the Pirate flag. There are two flags (colours), both have the same name "The Jolly Roger", but they have different colours. A plain black an white (white skull and cross bones on a black background) was an invitation to surrender, meaning those that did would be treated well (given quarter - take prisoners). The other one is red and white (white skull and cross bones on a red background), this flag meant that the pirates were intent on attacking without mercy (No Quarter - take no prisoners).
A pirate ship didn't fly the Jolly Roger all the time, and usually either flew false colours (i.e. England, France or Spain) or none at all, and only raised the Jolly Roger when their prey was within cannon range. The Jolly Roger also distinguished a true pirate from a Privateer or a government ship, which were bound by rules, therefore it was more likely they would attempt to resist the privateers and government ships.

So I guess this means Bunn Kidd is a merciful pirate, and always takes a ship peacefully and tries not to harm anyone.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Bunny Dictionary

Okay, I was a little rushed earlier, but it gave me and daddy time to get more entries into the Bunny Dictionary. So here is a slightly improved and longer version.

The Bunny Dictionary

  • Snoopervising - When a bunny secretly checks in on it's human, while looking like he is wanting treats/attention.
  • Slave - a bunny owner
  • Bunstruction - This has two meanings the first is *constructive i.e. chewing a new hole in a cardboard box fort. or *destructive i.e. chewing a hole in the middle of the living room carpet.
  • Disapproval - The look every bunny has from the day they are born to the day they die (and likely into the afterlife as well).
  • Nomming, nommies, nommables - One word discribes this FOOD!!!!!!
  • Rabbitude - Bunnies with attitude
  • Bunny Butt, Royal Bunny Butt (BB, RBB) - When a bunny is offended by something/someone they will turn their backs. The severity of the butt will depend on the severity of the precived offense. i.e. a minor offense can be taking a picture of them in the litter box. The most extreme offenses call for the Royal Bunny Butt and a grudge that can last for days or weeks, some examples of these offenses are Cleaning (cages, litter boxes), nail clipping, brushing, giving medications and taking them to the vets.
  • Flop, Flopping, Super Flop - When a bunny "flops" onto his side, a veriation of this is the Super Flop, recognized by the bunny jumping into the air, twisting on to his side before landing in a full flop. (A flop is a sign that your bunny is content in it's surroundings).
  • Binky - a jump either stationary or running, combined with a twisting motion in midair. (a sign of happiness)
  • Bunny 500 - When a bunny races around a room at full speed, often combined with binkies and flops.
  • Loafing - When a bunny lays down with all four feet tucked under him (they look like a "loaf" of bread)
  • Sphinx - similar to the loaf, but the front feet stick straight out in front of them.
  • Big Bad Alpha Bun - An older established bunny that dictates the rules of the house.
  • NIC Condo - Neat Idea Cubes - square wire frames that are supposed to be used as shelves, but bunny owners/slaves use them to build cages/condos for their bunnies.
  • Crasins - Dried cranberries are a favourite (and addictive treat) for bunnies, aka bunny crack.
  • Husbun - a male (neutered) bunny companion for a female bunny.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A new project

After viewing some comments on Disapproving Rabbits, daddy and me are working on a bunny dictionary for the new bunny people. So here is just a quick sample of some words we've gotten so far.

  • Snoopervising - when a bunny pretends like they want pets (or treats) but secretly they are watching what their human is doing.
  • Bunstruction - a word that can mean either CONstructive or DEstructive, depending on ones view point. ie: a constructive project is chewing a new opening in a box fort. a destructive project is chewing a hole in a carpet.
  • Flopping - when a bunny "flops" on to their side to have a nap.
  • Thumping - when a bunny stomps their rear foot to sound a warning
  • Disapproval - a normal expression on a bunnies face
  • Nom, nommable, nomming - a bunny eating
  • Bunny Butt - when a bunny turns their back to you, this has verying degrees of severity from mild to severe depending on the injustice done to a bunny. ie a mild one is being scolded for chewing a hold in their box fort, severe can be brought on by cleaning a cage, brushing fur, clipping nails, NOT being on time with treats/food, giving medication, taking them to a vet.
Feel free to submit your own words and their meanings in the comments section, and we'll add them to the list.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pictures of me and my uncle

I posted earlier today about my uncle Picasso coming to stay with us for 6 months, well he's here, and we have pictures now.
Having a snack after the long drive over here

Saying hi, and telling him whose boss around here

Grandpa built him this cage

Picasso saying hi to Nattah

He doesn't use this litter box, he just likes to sit in it

Hiding in his buncave

Trying to get Picasso to come say hi to me
So by mid-March next year Picasso is going to be moving back to his house, but until then we'll be bunsitting him.

Now on to something else, as I've said before, me and daddy are going to be the official reporters for Bunfest in 2 weeks. Well, daddy has made up badges for us to wear, they all have "PRESS", our company, email and the address to this blog on them.

Oh, I almost forgot, we will have some help this year, my uncle Matthew is going to come and help us out. Last year daddy couldn't get all the pictures and video that he wanted to, because he was working alone, which is why uncle Matthew is going to help.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Visitor coming to stay

We've got a very special guest coming to stay with us for a few months....

My uncle Picasso is coming to stay with us!!!!!! Uncle Picasso is my grandma's bunny (in case you're wondering). Because my auntie Amanda is staying at Grandma's place until she has her baby (and finds a new place to live), he's going to be staying with us, for 6 months.

Grandpa is bringing him over tonight, so after he gets here I'll post some pictures of him (and maybe me with him too).

Monday, September 9, 2013

Beach Celtic Festival

Well, Saturday was a complete washout, it rained pretty well all day. But Sunday was lots better, it stayed sunny all day.
There was a special guest performer this year, his name is John McDermott he is a Scottish/Canadian folk singer (that my great grand aunt really loves). We managed to get her the new CD and got it autographed, we just have to take it to her.

My favourite was the pipeband (of course), daddy tells me that the band was part of the Royal Canadian Highland Regiment, the Black Watch. The Black Watch are traditionally part of the Clan Campbell (one of two clans we belong to).

There were also the Irish and Scottish dancers.

Mr John McDermott

Irish Dancers

More Irish dancers

Smaller Irish dancers
The crowd watching the show

Highland (Scottish) dancers

Couple of little Highland dancers

And of course me

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Update to Bunfest

We just got an email confirming that we will be the official reporters again this year.

I can't wait to do this, it was so fun last year.


Well, there is only 23 days to go to get your buns (LOL) to Toronto, Ontario to take in Bunfest. Daddy has submitted our names to be official reporters again this year, so even if you don't make it this year keep watching this blog after the 29th of September for the report.

And to get you hyped (hopped) up for this years event for bunnies, here is a link to our report on last years Bunfest so you can see how much fun it is Bunfest 2012.

This year we have better equipment for taking pictures and video. A new camera (wonderful pictures), and not one, but two video camera's. So we'll have a ton of video and pictures to post, and daddy has been practicing his picture taking.

From 2011, a bag of hay just for me

Outside at Bunfest

My favorite treat, Oat Groats

Waiting to go into Bunfest.

My "I'm a Bunspace Bunny" sign

A reusable bag that we still use

My glamor shot, aren't I a sexy rexy

The back of the reusable bag

Some of the goodies from Bunfest

Me and grandma at Bunfest 2010

I smell girl bunnies

Some of the swag that we got at Bunfest 2010

My furiend Lancie, she is at the bridge this year.

An action shot of yours truly
Getting my nails trimmed, evil people

Memorial "wall" for bunnies who have crossed to the rainbow bridge in the past year

Checking on my little brother Groucho, this was his first Bunfest

Meeting Pantouf, she is the international traveling bunny from Bunspace.

Meeting Pacer, the USA traveling bunny from Bunspace.
A little side note to the last two pictures, I'm one of only a handful of bunnies that has met both traveling bunnies from Bunspace. Pacer has only been north of the border once, and one of his stops was Bunfest.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great grandma's 90th birthday party

Okay, so I've previously posted about my extended family and how many of them I haven't met. Well, Saturday I got to meet bunches of them.

Daddy was in charge of decorations, video taping, and assorted other things. Including helping to get some music for entertainment (daddy's tech saved the day). At the end of the party daddy made balloon animals (bunnies) for the kids.

Enjoying my feast

My auntie Amanda

A letter from Mayor Rob Ford

A letter from Prime Minister Stephen Harper

A letter from Premier Kathleen Wynne

My great grandma

The great grand kids, including me and my cousin Robbie. To be honest we don't know what any of their names are, or who they belong to.

The grand kids, from left to right Dan Jr (Dan Sr's son), Cameron and Jeremy (Fran's son's), Jennifer and Michelle (Tim's daughters) and finally daddy and auntie Amanda.

And finally the kids and their spouses. From left to right. Great uncle Dan Sr and wife Sara, my grandma Beth and her husband grandpa Dave, great grandma, great uncle Ted and Tim, and great aunt Fran and her husband Glenn
 My auntie Amanda also announced the name of her new baby (still not born yet, sometime in October), it's going to be Arthur Francis.