Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Doors Open Day 2

Yikes, only one building today, but it was a good one. Today me and daddy went to see the new Mattamy Athletic Centre, it's actually in the old Maple Leafs Gardens, which also has a grocery store in it too.

On the second floor is a gym and basketball courts, and on the third floor is a hockey arena where the Ryerson Rams play.
This is the inside of the iconic domed roof

The new ice rink

The seats

Looking down the ice from the goal line

one of the boxes

Looking out on to Carlton St from the top floor

The full arena

The "gold" row of seats in this arena used to be the very top row in the original Gardens.

The outside of the Gardens
We also took a bunch of pictures out of the windows.
Looking south from the top floor

Looking down on Carlton St

The corner of Church and Carlton

Another shot looking south
And here is a picture of the map they gave us.

The nickname for Maple Leaf Gardens is the Hockey Shrine because it was built in 1931 and was the original home of my beloved Maple Leafs.
The Gardens took 8 months to build in 1931, but took 2 years to renovate into what it is now.

These are two of the water bottles we got yesterday

In the back is a very nice notebook that we also got yesterday.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Doors Open day 1

Today me and daddy went to see some buildings around town, and met up with some other guys that also have Aspergers. We actually went through the Meetup website, and Doors Open was one of the events listed.

We went and saw City Hall.
Having a drink

Council chambers

This is half of a model of Toronto, and you know what, it's made out of PAPER!!!!

This is the other half of the model

The model of City Hall from when it was going to be built

This is the model of what City Hall looks like now

This is City Hall in the background, and in the foreground is Osgoode Hall

We also went and saw Osgoode Hall, basically it's a court house that was built in 1832, you can see the roof in the foreground of this picture.
There is a really fancy floor inside.

This is a HUGE painting of the Queen

The skylight in Osgoode Hall

One of the fancy chairs
There is a very special building in downtown, it's called the Canada Life Building
At the very top are lights, and they actually forecast the weather, lots of people see those lights, but there are only a few that actually know what those lights actually mean.
Beacon signals
  • Green------------Clear weather
  • Red------------Cloudy weather
  • Flashing Red--------------Rain
  • Flashing White-----------Snow
Beacon Tower lights
  • Running up------------Warmer
  • Running down----------Cooler
  • Steady-------------No Change
The weather forecast is updated 4 times a day.
One of the marble columns in the lobby

Fancy lights in the elevator lobby

Elevator door

This shows where the elevators are in the building

The view from the 17th floor
 The Canada Life building used to be the third tallest building in Toronto when it was built in 1931.

This is the Scotiabank Theater.

Looking to the west

The street on the left of the picture is University Ave.

It's a great view of the city

more fancy lights

I want this carpet, it looks like a great place to run and binky on.
 We also sold one of daddy's cards today, so it was a very good day. And tomorrow we are going out to see even more buildings, so stay tuned for that.

A very BIG little update

Today we found out that daddy is going to have another nephew, my aunt (daddy's little sister) is pregnant with another boy. The family has known since February that she was going to have another child, but it was only Friday when we found out it was a boy.
 Secretly we were hoping for a boy anyway,  daddy knows what boys like better anyway, which makes buying gifts easier.
The baby is due sometime in November this year, we'll keep everyone updated closer to the due date.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a mess

Yesterday was Victoria Day, it's when we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria, mostly with BBQ and Fireworks.
Me and daddy went to watch the fireworks down at the beach, we got there early and I got to play in the grass for a bit. Last time we went to this event we got lost and almost ended up walking down a boat ramp into the water, it was really dark, and very few lights around. This time we went ready, daddy attached a flashlight to the front of my stroller (headlight), and brought along the spotlight we got at the Canadian Tire home and auto show, with those two lights we managed to get out of the park without walking into the water.

Now for the messy part, we managed to get out of the park without getting wet, but as we were waiting for the bus to go home a thunderstorm rolled in. Daddy put the rain cover on my stroller, but not before I got a little wet.
Little wet, see soaked
It took us hours to get home, and by the time we got to our front door the rain had stopped, at least long enough to get from the bus stop to our house.

This weekend is Doors Open, where people can go see historical buildings, or some of the buildings that aren't generally open to the public on a daily basis, during Doors Open the buildings offer tours and are free to get in and look around.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Transit Accessibility meeting

I have something important to say before I begin this blog....... Ahem.........

Now back to the blog. Hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week me and daddy went to a meeting about accessibility on our cities public transit system, we needed for our voice to be heard (I did a silent protest by disapproving very hard). Well, anyway we got our first ride on a special bus for the handicap.

Loads of room in these buses
My stroller had to be strapped in just like a wheelchair
Waiting for the meeting to start.

It's empty, but it filled up with people when the meeting started
We also got to see some of the new stations for the subway extension they are building, and some of the existing stations that are being modified and upgraded. Of course these stations aren't going to be finished until late 2015 or even later.

On Tuesday it is daddy's birthday, I'm not sure how old he is, but he saw the original release of Star Wars IV A New Hope (that's the first one that was released in 1977).