Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, January 28, 2013

Going to have the bestest birthday party EVER

Daddy told me what we are going to be doing for my Birthday party this year, we are going to go see the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Ottawa Senators at the Air Canada Centre. The game isn't actually going to be taking place there, it's going to be in Ottawa, but they'll be showing the game on the big screens on the scoreboard. Best of all, it's going to be me, daddy and Grandpa going. I can't wait to go, I've seen their minor league team the Marlies with daddy and Grandma. I'm also going to get daddy to make me a new sign because we can't find the old one he made me.
This is the sign daddy made for me when we saw the Marlies
 And I want to take my hockey stick when we go, oh did I not mention I have my own hockey stick?
Playing with my hockey stick

Proudly displaying my hockey stick.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Special day for the scots

Today is Robbie Burn's Day, the famous Scottish poet that gave us many things. Like the song Auld Lang Syne, without which New Years Eve would just be drinking and fireworks.

Here is my own personal bagpipe band.
So on this very special day play some bagpipe music, have some Scottish shortbread and eat some haggis.
I'm wearing both tartans, the bandana is Gordon and my vest is Campbell

My toy bagpipe which Kiwi is holding is the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) tartan

These are the family crest pins, the stags head is Gordon, and the hogs head is Campbell.
And if you want to go all out, we recommend watching Brave, or you can find Scottish music on Youtube.
Our favorite is watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and someone has uploaded a few full length (about an hour) videos of the Tattoo.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grandma gave me a new stuffie

Me and daddy went to grandma's house on Monday, and she had a new stuffie for me to play with.
Here is my new stuffie, a giant apple.
Here is a size comparison, the apple is almost as big as me.
Grandma got the apple from the Snow White show we saw, the same one that Stinky Flower came from.

Daddy and grandma had their first official Skype video chat tonight, they had two on Monday to test the setup, and they were only fifty feet apart. Tonight when they chatted they had a whole city dividing them, which I think is really cool. Daddy really likes this way of talking to grandma better anyway, before he could only talk to her, now he can see her and talk to her.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cool stuff happening soon

Daddy has been getting frustrated with talking to grandma over his cell phone, so he found some free stuff online that will make things lots better. We found a webcam, so tomorrow we have to go to grandma's place and set everything up.

And daddy entered a contest to try and win a pair of tickets to go see the Toronto Maple Leafs home opener tomorrow, we won't know if we've won them until tomorrow morning, so stay tuned for that.
This is my new stuffie, see we both have hoodies on.
Just under two weeks to go till my 5th birthday, I will be turning a whole 5 years old on Feb 2 (groundhog day). Daddy says he has a surprise for me, but I won't be getting it until my birthday. But he promised me that it would be fun.

I'm gaining back the weight I lost, daddy says that I'm becoming rather plump, but I'm not fat, I'm poofy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yikes, more baby pictures

Yikes, I just found out that daddy has bunches of my baby pictures on his Facebook profile. I actually don't mind, I was a very cute baby, and there aren't any really embarrassing pictures.
Pondering this cover

Shhhhhh, professional flopping in progress

The arms on the old couch were great flop spots

I've been a deep stinker err thinker all my life

I've always been an adventurous bunny

Practicing my stealth bunny

The couch at the old place was very comfy

Looking for my treats in daddy's first-aid kit

Hi daddy, where did you put my treats

This is what I used to get drinks out of.
This is what we use now
Oh, and before I forget, we have a new piece of tech toy. Daddy got something called a wireless hot spot, basically it's a mobile modem that connects to the mobile internet, and all three of our devices (netbook, phone and tablet) can all connect to the internet through this device. What all this means is that when we go on day long adventures, CNE, Highland Games etc, we can bring it along and use it to connect to the internet to upload video and publish this blog. And all while we are on the go, like the car ride home from the highland games, which takes around an hour or more.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My baby pictures

I thought everyone would like to see some pictures from when I was a baby.
In this picture I think I was about 4 months old, and as you can see, I already had lots of bunnytude.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Toronto from space

Check out the view of our city, this was taken from space. We follow Cmdr Chris Hadfield on Twitter, and he has some awesome pictures from inside and outside the space station.
Btw this picture is actually in color, it's just that we have a bunch of snow right now, that's why it looks black and white.

"Cmdr_Hadfield: Toronto in snow - how it looked from the ISS today, 30 Dec at 12:35 local." --