Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunki: The last Adventures

Sunki will continue to go on adventures, at least for the next while. Yesterday we got his urn back from the vets, only for me to realize that the urn is sealed, so my original plan to scatter a bit of his ashes at each place had to be modified slightly. So plan B is to still go to each of his favorite places, but I will take pictures of the urn there instead.

For the time being this blog will remain active (Sunki did have a lot of favorite places that he went to over the years, so it will take some time to revisit each of them). Once that is all done, I'll be putting this blog into archive mode. It will still be here and you can reread all the posts and memories, I just won't be updating it with new blogs. Instead I invite everyone to the two new blogs we've made for the two new service bunnies.

Darth Hopper's blog

Chewbacca's blog

Sunki's urn and his tag, both are on the stroller, and his urn fits nicely into one of the cupholders.

Sunki's urn, it's a lot smaller then I thought it was going to be

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The legend is now one with the Force

Sunki went to his vet appointment yesterday and the results were not good, the vet found what she thought was cancer in a spot that made a biopsy dangerous. Had Sunki continued to live he would have been on some serious medications, which means he wouldn't have the same quality of life that he once had.

After some long and hard thinking it was decided to have Sunki PTS.

But, Sunki is now one with the Force and is still looking after me.
As I sat mourning his loss, I had a vision. In it Sunki told me that he had found his replacement and that I had to go pick him up. He helped further by using the Jedi mind trick and getting people to aid in getting me to this new bunny.

So, Sunki's choice is already with me, and has already started his training. His name is Darth Hopper (he sort of looks like Luke Skyhopper). He is 3 to 4 weeks old and a Holland Lop. We'll be making a new blog just for him that you'll be able to link to from this blog.