Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, April 6, 2014


The Marlies won their game!!!!!!!! Which also means they won their division, so now they go to the Calder Cup playoffs, it's the AHL version of the Stanley Cup.

Me and daddy had so much fun
My replacement Marlies pin
Like daddy figured most of his money went to food, I mean $12 for a hamburger and drink, it's just robbery.

I even stood in for my friend EB (Easter Bunny), a pair of little kids with their moms were there, and daddy told them that I can tell EB what they want for Easter. The moms thought it was the cutest thing, the kids both wanted chocolate (easy enough for EB to pull off).

An event in itself, the Zambonis that drive around the rink.
 A Zamboni resurfaces the ice, it's some sort of magic that I don't understand. It drives around and new ice comes out the back of it. I think there is a rolled up sheet of ice inside the front part, and as it drives the ice unrolls behind it, I could be wrong though.
Watching the game
This is the before picture
This is the after picture.
The two pictures you see up there, those were taken by daddy's new phone. The bottom one is the result of an app on the phone, that allows daddy to add speech/thought bubbles to pictures.

Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you that daddy had to change cell phones, and companies. You see, the company daddy had been with got taken over, it wasn't going to be worth while to stay with the company. So daddy has gone to Wind, and got an even better phone, and a equal quality plan for less.

And the score for the game, Marlies 3 Utica Comets 2. Don't worry we didn't know where Utica was either, so daddy looked it up on Google maps, it's in New York State, east of Syracuse.

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