Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Parade

Yesterday was Easter, and of course there was the annual Parade here in the city, and we got to see something brand new. We got to see one of the brand new streetcars, they are so new that no one has ridden on them...... yet. I've posted before about Doors Open, and last night we found out that one of the things people will get to do is ride on one of the new streetcars.
Older streetcar

Oldest streetcar

Current Streetcar

Brand new streetcar

Can't wait to ride this baby.

I got to see my Troopers from the 501st, and visited with inspected them after the parade. Speaking of the 501st, I was featured on their Facebook group yesterday, you can see the post here.
These pictures are screen grabs from the video daddy took


Posing for pictures with the crowd

I need some sleep after yesterday

This is Beach Buddy, he's the mascot for the neighborhood.
 Speaking of Star Wars, daddy has been busy with a new series of trading cards. Considering he's done DC and Marvel characters, he decided the next series is going to be Star Wars.
Biker Bun

Obi-Bun Kenobi

This should be B-3P0


Bun Solo

Darth Bunder

Clone Bun

And last Luke Bunwalker
Daddy is trying to convince the 501st to make me the honorary mascot for the Canadian Garrison. I'll let you know when or if this happens.

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