Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, April 19, 2014


It's almost here, tomorrow is one of three big days for us bunnies, Easter! The other two are International Carrot Day which is April 4th, and Rabbit Appreciation Day which is August 24th.

Tomorrow me and daddy are headed down to the big parade thrown in my honor (okay not really for me, but I don't see the real EB showing up for it).

Daddy figured out that if Santa has Elves to help him, then EB must have Hoppers to help him. Although I see myself more as EB rather then a helper. And which EB do I see myself as? The one in Rise of The Guardians of course, that EB is awesome, he has fighting skills, and uses boomerangs. Whereas EB in Hop doesn't really do any fighting, and he needs protection from the Pink Berets. If I'm anything from Hop I'm one of the Easter Bunnies Royal Guards, The Pink Beret bunnies (although I REFUSE to wear anything pink). I do have to give props to EB in Hop for his mad drumming skills, that is truly cool, wouldn't win anything in hand to hand combat, but might be useful in a battle of the bands.
This is the version of EB that I see myself as.
He does have a cuter version in the movie though.
This is what happens when children stop believing in the Easter Bunny

EB from Hop on the drums

The Pink Berets, the Easter Bunnies Royal Guards
 Speaking of RTG and Hop, those two movies are what we are watching right now, I got daddy to put on RTG first because it's my favorite.

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