Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, April 7, 2014

Daddy's new phone

Yesterday I mentioned that daddy had to get a new phone, well I thought I should share with you what it can do.
This is a really fancy phone because it can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, so now we have two ways we can connect to the internet. The plan that we are on gives us UNLIMITED internet, and it's not up to something like 10gb, it is truly unlimited. The plan we were on with the other company had the same sort of deal, but they were going to be changing that to just 1gb a month. And the new plan costs way less then what we had with the other company.
The phone has two cameras, one in front and one on the back, so daddy can take selfies of us.
There is a really neat app that it came preloaded with called Picsay, which is a photo editor app, and can do things like this....
Daddy made a version of this, but it's much better using the app.
This is the original version of the Picsay photo above.

One of the pictures we took from last years Bunfest, now improved.
Or this....
My pirate captain look

I look funny wearing sunglasses.
Daddy also gets way better reception in our apartment, with the other phone we'd be lucky to get even one bar (and only if daddy stood on his head, spun counterclockwise, well singing Mary had a little lamb). The new phone gets full reception with no head standing, spinning or singing.
Daddy's new phone
The phone is made by Alcatel, which we've never heard of, but then it is a European company based in France.
In future you can expect to see a lot more fun photos like the ones above on my blog.

Speaking of future things, daddy is still working out the details, but we have a QR code that directs smart phones to the mobile version of this blog. He's just got to figure out how to make it so we can put it on things that people can access while we are out and about. We are also trying to figure out how to put it on the main page of this blog, and on my Facebook page.

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