Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

more famous then ever

 On Sunday me and daddy went to see my beloved Argonauts choose this years new cheerleader squad, more on that a little later.

Right now I have to vent about some security guards that over stepped their bounds, and tried to bully daddy.

The problems started when the guard tried to be a bully, and get daddy to move several times, the first time we were nice about it and moved. But then the requests started to border on annoying, the second time he wanted us to move up to the second level. It was the way the request was made, and the reason for it that made daddy upset. The guard didn't some much as ask as ordered daddy to move, because someone "might" be allergic to me. Another place had made the same request a few years ago, saying that people might be allergic to me. So daddy wasn't going to fall for another lame excuse. Daddy told the guard that he wanted to talk to his supervisor, daddy then told the supervisor that he was nice the first time, but he wasn't going to move again. The supervisor said that she could have us removed from the property, daddy told her that he was within his rights to be there, and the law was on his side. After that they left us alone.

Okay, now back to the fun stuff.

There were over 40 girls trying out for 26 spots, there was a group standing beside us, someone they knew was competing for one of the spots. More on that girl a little later. The first thing we did when we got there was get in on the deal they had, something like last year, a voucher for a ticket to a game, and something else. Last year it was a T-Shirt, this year it was a DVD about the Argo's Grey Cup win in 2012. So again this year we will be attending our 2nd football game, this time against the Saskatchewan Roughriders (BTW my uncle that was working in Saskatchewan is back in Ontario).

Our voucher and DVD
There were several celebrity judges there, only one of them we knew.
This is Rudy Blair, he's a music reporter on the only radio station we listen to.
The guy in the brown jacket is one of the other judges, remember him, he comes up later.
There's a few of the judges that we don't know, some singer named Karl Wolf, and a few ladies from TV and radio.
We only know two of the five.
We got to meet the Argo mascot Jason, and he remembered us from last year. When he saw us he gave daddy a thumbs up, and a high five.
Daddy also got my football signed.
Now it's even more important

This is the player that signed my football
The player's name is James Yurichuk, he used to play for the BC Lions, then traded to the Argos last year. And he was born right here in Ontario, Brampton to be exact.

Oh, and that bald guy I mentioned, he is a reporter with the Toronto Sun. And the article he wrote on the event featured a very famous bunny, you can read the article here, see if you can spot the famous bunny. I'll give you a hint, he's typing this out right now.
Hint, this bunny is the one wearing the double-blue sweater.
Also mentioned in that article is the cheerleader that made it in.

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  1. I found your daddy's elbow in one of the pictures!! yay!!!!

    Why do people have to be bullies? That's just mean! Good for you, and your dad, for standing your ground!