Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Captain Bun Kidd the Pirate and Zombie Hunter

Last Saturday was the annual Toronto Zombie Hunt Walk, people dress up as zombies to raise money for charity. There's a big party, food and stuff to buy.

Daddy finished off my LAV-BT, including modifying my machine gun so it lights up, and we went to hunt see these zombies. I was glad that I had my guns armed and ready, any zombie so much as thinks about munching on my brain would end up being a bloody mess on the ground.

All set for the zombies, come at me, I dares ya

See, my machine gun is now a laser, more stopping power.
 Tonight is the big night, it's Halloween. I don't know how nice it's gonna be, the weather people are calling for rain and wind (the second year in a row), last year we got part of Superstorm Sandy, not as badly as what New York got, but the rain was really heavy.
Luckily daddy has planned for the rain, and the LAV-BT comes with a cockpit canopy.
Keep watching for my post after we get home from the Halloween street party tonight.

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  1. Sunki-- you are far too cute for a zombie to even think about eating!!!