Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rabbit Rescues Bunfest 2013

The long awaited report on Rabbit Rescue's Bunfest 2013 is here.

We got there early enough to video tape the lineup to get in, and boy was it a long line. We were really glad that uncle Matthew (not Michael as his name tag said), he took lots of video and pictures so I could make this report even better.

There were lots of bunnies and their humans there, most didn't know how famous I am in the bunny world, which daddy then had to tell them about most of my adventures.
The front of the line to get in

The front table, see that overflowing box, those are the grab bags   

Grab bags are almost all gone
Now, for some pictures of the tables.

The bake sale table
Here I am with Dr Munn, he runs the vet clinic that I was treated at.

Some of the medical equipment for us rabbits

The Ask the Vet section

This lady is a vet from Gulph

Dr Munn and an assistant from Greenwood Vet Clinic
The Hay bagging station, look at all that hay behind them.
Bobby's Bunny Boutique table

The Stuffie adoption table

The Quietsnooze table

New Moon Rabbit Rescue

Nail Art table

Bunny Nail Art
We got some treats from this table

Successful stuffie adopter

The how to build NIC and bunny proofing, daddy made the balloon bunny for this table

Silent Auction table
My favorite table, the one with all the food, treats and toys

Daddy and Lancies mom

Lookit all that food, I could totally pig out here.
Glamor shot area

Disapprove for the camera

The bunny spa area

AKA the bunny TORTURE area
Face Painting area

And now for some random bunnies that came to Bunfest.

This bunny is more relaxed then me
Gee, this random bunny looks familiar

Some of the treats daddy picked up
Carrot Treats

MMMMMMM, dandelion nommies

Bourne Free Farms hay, daddy got this for $5.00 dollars
This picture defines Snoopervising

Me and daddy

Haviva and a human/bunny cross breed

And a bit of temptation to get everyone out to Bunfest 2014, the Bunny Dictionary may be included in the grab bags and at the Bunny Flop Cafe and Nibbles Lounge.
This is uncle Matthew's scooter, see he's just as crazy as daddy is.


  1. What a great report Sunki-Kudos, to you, Daddy and Uncle Matthew.
    Just so you know that bunny that was Snoopervising got adopted from Toronto Animal Services at Bunfest! Yay!

  2. This was truly an outstanding piece of bunny journalism!!!

  3. Loved the report and all the pictures. It looked like a fantastic time. Thanks for covering everything so well Sunki!

  4. Loved the report and all the pictures. It looked like a fantastic time. Thanks for covering everything so well Sunki!