Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some quick updates

There is one very important update from Bunfest that we want to tell everyone about, and it's some really great news concerning one of the adoptable bunnies.

 This little snoopervisor got adopted from Toronto Animal Services at Bunfest, we hope he/she will be a good snoopervisor for his/her new slaves.

Now on to some exciting news about me, Oct 5 (which is today, because it is 2:41 am) me, daddy, grandma and grandpa will be heading out on a day trip. It is to celebrate one of our relatives 50th wedding anniversaries, but in order to do that we have to go almost to Niagara Falls. To give you some idea of the length of this trip, just going to it will take 90 minutes. Thankfully daddy says we won't be going straight there, we'll be stopping for a break or two both there and back, which is good because I love my car seat and all, but I want to sample the grass from the other parts of the province.
Not to worry, we will be posting lots of pictures and some video after the trip, daddy got a really cool video camera just before Bunfest. It's called a GO PRO (well, a clone of one anyway), from the pictures I've seen on its box it is supposed to attach to a bicycle or onto a helmet. Well, daddy figured out a way to attach it to my stroller (to give my POV), and will try to figure out a way to use it on the trip so you can see what I would be looking at.

And just like Bunfest, I'll try to remind daddy that we need to post a quick update on where we are in the trip, and a picture of me at the location.

Daddy is telling me it's time for bed, we've got to be up at 8:00am (ick), and out the door by 10:00am (double Ick).

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