Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, November 4, 2013

More stuff

Tomorrow me, daddy and my great grand aunt are going to see a new movie, daddy says that it's based on some books that they have read. So they want to go see how close the movie stayed to the books (mmmmm books, good for chewing on).... Oh yeah, the movie, it's called Ender's Game.

In one week it will be Remembrance Day, a day we pay respect to the men and women of the military. Me and daddy will be attending two ceremonies, one that will have a 21 gun salute with actual cannons.

And on the 21st me and daddy are going to a volunteer dinner, and seeing a show afterward. We'll be seeing The Little Mermaid, but it isn't the Disney version, far from it.

And one more thing, it got cold yesterday, so much so that I had to get daddy to put my hoodie on (with the hood up), and of course daddy had to take a picture of me.
My ears got cold, so I got daddy to put my hood up

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  1. I love your ears encased in fleece!!!! You look so toasty!