Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Well, we would have posted an update yesterday, but the area we drove to was a wireless black zone (no wireless signal for miles around). So I'll post the entire blog now.

It was a VERY long trip, we left home at 10:30 am, and got home after 8:00 pm. And like I said yesterday we stopped on the way down for a break, and on the way back for dinner.

We stopped at a hotel which daddy stayed at, but has become really rundown since then. Then we stopped at a little roadside fruit stand to get a pumpkin for my cousin, and some pears to snack on for the rest of the trip. Daddy offered me a little piece, but I didn't really want any.

Our destination was a little place called Winger, it's not really a town, its barely a village. This is where daddy's aunt and uncle were married 50 years ago, and in the same church where they had the party. I think we only knew 8 people out of all the guests there. I, of course was the center of attention there (as it should be everywhere I go).
Heading out on the big train

So bored, wish I had a DVD to watch.

Having a snack at the party

Lots of old people there

The ride home, so sleepy

Yep, so sleepy.
 And one more thing, we went over a large bridge, and here is a cool video of our trip.

And, when we stopped for lunch grandma and grandpa had kids meals, so I got to have one of the toys. It's my most favorite of all cars, here's a picture of my new toy.
It's a batmobile, when you pull it back and release it it goes on it's own.
This was taken earlier this year when me and daddy went to a car show.

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