Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, September 20, 2013

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I will now extend a greeting to all my loyal readers from my alterego Pirate Captain Bunn Kidd.

Avast me bucko's, greetings from yer Cap'n Bunn Kidd, me crew and I wish you all a hoppy Talk like a Pirate Day. Now get back to work ye scurvy dogs, else ye'll be kissing the gunner's daughter.

Okay, I'm back to being Sunki, and I will now translate from Pirate to English so you know what Cap'n Kidd said.

Hello my friends, greeting from your Captain Bunn Kidd, my crew and I wish you all a hoppy Talk like a Pirate Day. Now get back to work you disease ridden crew, or you'll be flogged.

Avast - Hello
Me - My
Bucko - Friend
Cap'n - Captain
Scurvy dogs - disease ridden
Kissing the Gunner's Daughter - Bent over a cannon and flogged

To celebrate we found a new Pirate flag for my stroller (ship), and here is some intresting facts about the Pirate flag. There are two flags (colours), both have the same name "The Jolly Roger", but they have different colours. A plain black an white (white skull and cross bones on a black background) was an invitation to surrender, meaning those that did would be treated well (given quarter - take prisoners). The other one is red and white (white skull and cross bones on a red background), this flag meant that the pirates were intent on attacking without mercy (No Quarter - take no prisoners).
A pirate ship didn't fly the Jolly Roger all the time, and usually either flew false colours (i.e. England, France or Spain) or none at all, and only raised the Jolly Roger when their prey was within cannon range. The Jolly Roger also distinguished a true pirate from a Privateer or a government ship, which were bound by rules, therefore it was more likely they would attempt to resist the privateers and government ships.

So I guess this means Bunn Kidd is a merciful pirate, and always takes a ship peacefully and tries not to harm anyone.


  1. Dear Sunki, This is an entry for your bunny dictionary, or a possible entry. I hope you don't mind me sending them to you when they come to mind. This would actually be a synonym for bunstruction. I have heard some people say that their bunnies have "creatively re-imagined" something like curtains, or clothing.

  2. It could be a whole entry on its own, something like......
    Bun Couture: A bunny that is heavily into fashion and design, often modifying/altering clothing, curtains, rugs/carpets, furniture etc, to meet their sense of style. *See also Bunstruction

  3. Dear Sunki, You are really good at this. I immediately thought the idea for a dictionary was very important. It is good to see it in such capable hands.