Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, September 9, 2013

Beach Celtic Festival

Well, Saturday was a complete washout, it rained pretty well all day. But Sunday was lots better, it stayed sunny all day.
There was a special guest performer this year, his name is John McDermott he is a Scottish/Canadian folk singer (that my great grand aunt really loves). We managed to get her the new CD and got it autographed, we just have to take it to her.

My favourite was the pipeband (of course), daddy tells me that the band was part of the Royal Canadian Highland Regiment, the Black Watch. The Black Watch are traditionally part of the Clan Campbell (one of two clans we belong to).

There were also the Irish and Scottish dancers.

Mr John McDermott

Irish Dancers

More Irish dancers

Smaller Irish dancers
The crowd watching the show

Highland (Scottish) dancers

Couple of little Highland dancers

And of course me

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  1. Hey... I left a whole long comment yesterday, and today it's gone! And now I can't remember what I wrote?!?! Well, you look delightful in your plaid!