Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great grandma's 90th birthday party

Okay, so I've previously posted about my extended family and how many of them I haven't met. Well, Saturday I got to meet bunches of them.

Daddy was in charge of decorations, video taping, and assorted other things. Including helping to get some music for entertainment (daddy's tech saved the day). At the end of the party daddy made balloon animals (bunnies) for the kids.

Enjoying my feast

My auntie Amanda

A letter from Mayor Rob Ford

A letter from Prime Minister Stephen Harper

A letter from Premier Kathleen Wynne

My great grandma

The great grand kids, including me and my cousin Robbie. To be honest we don't know what any of their names are, or who they belong to.

The grand kids, from left to right Dan Jr (Dan Sr's son), Cameron and Jeremy (Fran's son's), Jennifer and Michelle (Tim's daughters) and finally daddy and auntie Amanda.

And finally the kids and their spouses. From left to right. Great uncle Dan Sr and wife Sara, my grandma Beth and her husband grandpa Dave, great grandma, great uncle Ted and Tim, and great aunt Fran and her husband Glenn
 My auntie Amanda also announced the name of her new baby (still not born yet, sometime in October), it's going to be Arthur Francis.

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  1. Wow!! You have such a big, beautiful family! And it sounds like your daddy really did save the day. Wishing your great grandma a very happy 90th!!!!