Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well, there is only 23 days to go to get your buns (LOL) to Toronto, Ontario to take in Bunfest. Daddy has submitted our names to be official reporters again this year, so even if you don't make it this year keep watching this blog after the 29th of September for the report.

And to get you hyped (hopped) up for this years event for bunnies, here is a link to our report on last years Bunfest so you can see how much fun it is Bunfest 2012.

This year we have better equipment for taking pictures and video. A new camera (wonderful pictures), and not one, but two video camera's. So we'll have a ton of video and pictures to post, and daddy has been practicing his picture taking.

From 2011, a bag of hay just for me

Outside at Bunfest

My favorite treat, Oat Groats

Waiting to go into Bunfest.

My "I'm a Bunspace Bunny" sign

A reusable bag that we still use

My glamor shot, aren't I a sexy rexy

The back of the reusable bag

Some of the goodies from Bunfest

Me and grandma at Bunfest 2010

I smell girl bunnies

Some of the swag that we got at Bunfest 2010

My furiend Lancie, she is at the bridge this year.

An action shot of yours truly
Getting my nails trimmed, evil people

Memorial "wall" for bunnies who have crossed to the rainbow bridge in the past year

Checking on my little brother Groucho, this was his first Bunfest

Meeting Pantouf, she is the international traveling bunny from Bunspace.

Meeting Pacer, the USA traveling bunny from Bunspace.
A little side note to the last two pictures, I'm one of only a handful of bunnies that has met both traveling bunnies from Bunspace. Pacer has only been north of the border once, and one of his stops was Bunfest.

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