Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, September 24, 2012

The official Bunfest report


By: Sunki and Casper

Well, that was sure an exciting day. Oh, Oh, I'm supposed to add more to this then just that.

Daddy got involved in reading a book last night, and so was working on only a few hours sleep. I on the other paw was sort of ready to go, I did manage to sleep for a bit on the TTC.
Once we got to Bunfest it was already started, so we didn't get to see the opening ceremonies. But we did get there then had a great time.

We met up with my friend Lancalot's (Lancy for short cause she's a girl) mommy and daddy, we like them. Lancy was maid of honor at their wedding, and next month she'll be a big sister to her new human brother. We met Nova, and Pika (she is a Flemish Giant, that I sort of have a crush on, although I think the opposite would happen). and lots more bunnies then I can name, these are my friends from Bunspace BTW.

Daddy got us more of the hay that all seven of us bunnies like (Bourne Free Farms brand), and it was a great price $5.00 for a bag that normally costs twice that. Of course we also got our free bag of loose hay and willow leaves (I'm a VIB at these events), and the people that bag the hay always give me a bag for free, but daddy forgot it when we left to come home, it isn't a big loss we've got more then enough hay to last well into next month, and me and daddy were working on fumes.

We even saw the stroller that we REALLY, REALLY WANT!!!!!! It was camouflage! Why don't the petstores around here carry something like that, all they have is either blue or pink strollers how boring is that. Speaking of bunny strollers, each year there are more and more strollers at Bunfest (but none are like mine), although one came close with designs done in stick on rhinestone like things. Wait, if people are getting ideas from my stroller, I'm going to have to work on something even better for next year, hmmmm, maybe a rockin sound system to go with my lights.

Daddy was rather hungry after we got there, so he decided to try the vegitairian food, his comment was that he was born an omnivore and would stick to having veggies as a topping for burgers. But if people like that kind of thing it's fine, more meat for him.

There was a Carrot eating contest (shredded not whole), and only the humans could compete, which is fine by me, I wouldn't eat even a tiny piece of carrot in a contest..... unless the prize was a camouflage stroller, then maybe. Daddy did get video of the contest, and did an interview with the winner. Please forgive the shakiness of this video, I told daddy to bring the tripod, but does he listen to me, nooooooo. Don't worry I gave daddy the bunny butt after we watched the raw video, and told him he should have listened to me.

There was lots more to see and do so here is a small sampling of things. Bunny nail art: where humans could get a bunny themed finger nail polish. Glamor shots: professionally done pictures of your bunny (I got mine done two years ago). Bunspa (I.E. torture central): nail trimming and brushing..... can you tell I don't like getting groomed. Vet advice: from not just one but two bunny savvy clinics. Bunny proofing/and NIC cages: this is where novice bunny owners learn how to build condos and make rooms safe for their buns. The nibbles lounge and cafe: Sort of like those child care centres in shopping malls, you drop off your bunny so they can stretch get something to eat use the litterbox etc. The Rainbow Bridge: where you can honor your bunnies who have crossed over the bridge in the last year, thankfully we haven't had any of those losses in our family this year. The arts and crafts table: where humans can make simple bunny toys, daddy made me a 'bell'. AND the most important spot at Bunfest, the store: where you can buy toys and treats galore for the buns in your life. There were lots of other things to numerous to mention here, but everyone and everybun had a great time.

Heading to Bunfest

You can see my volunteer badge, daddy had one too

Official Volunteer, Sunki event reporter. I like that.

Taking a break to let daddy's back rest, oh I forgot daddy had a slipped disk in his back and had to go to the hospital on Wednesday.

One of the many adoptable buns, it's got the same tunnel as I have.

Another of the adoptables, although I must say that my tent is way better then this one.

Getting ready for the carrot eating contest

Me and Haviva, she's the whole reason Rabbit Rescue exists, I wanted to interview her, but got distracted by a pretty girl bunny passing by.

The Arts and crafts table

Making paper cup bells, daddy had to use his knife on some of the beads to open the holes up.

The paper cup bell daddy made me.

There's something you don't see every day, a shopping cart full of buns. I should know, I've been to lots of stores and have never, not once seen a shopping cart full of buns.

The sign out on the street..... Do you think this is where Bunfest is being held?
My 'PRESS' badge

Still on the way, TTC service sucks on Sundays.

Having lunch, nom, nom, nom
Oh, one last thing, we got a surprise at Bunfest. The family that we adopted Annabelle and Candi from were there. They've still got their mom and dad, and they are doing great.

This year was one of the better Bunfests, daddy could actually make the trip without needing to change transit systems (the first ones were held in Mississauga, the city next to Toronto), and daddy didn't end up in the hospital like he did after last years Bunfest, of course if he hadn't we never would have gone to the new art group, or seen the nice therapist.

Me and daddy are completely exhausted, in fact this blog was put on hold because we both fell asleep at the computer after just starting it. That's what happens when you stay up all night reading a book, and only get an hours worth of sleep.


  1. What great reporting Sunki! And Casper, don't worry, Nutmeg gives me the bunny butt all the time, and makes sure to look over her shoulder to check that I am aware of her dismay with my silly human behavior. I love the interview and all the photos. It looks like such a wonderful event! I sure wish we had something like this in Memphis, TN where we live, but I'm pretty much the only person in the area who does rabbit rescue. Well done to you and your daddy!

  2. Wow, what a great day! I love that you had a Press badge and that you got lots of goodies. Mom thinks you are super handsome and a great bunny representative. Thanks for the excellent report and picture. Benny