Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, September 29, 2012

My new special stuffie

Yesterday me and daddy were out getting stuff to build my pirateship, and we found a new stuffie for me. It's a small teddybear, but not just any old bear, no, this one is very special. You see the money raised from the sale of these bears and other things, goes to help very smart people find a cure for a very serious illness called cancer.
My human family has been lucky enough to avoid getting cancer, but the furry side of the family hasn't been so lucky. I had an older sister at one time, and she got cancer and had to be helped across the Rainbow Bridge by a vet. So daddy figures that if they find a cure for cancer for humans then animals will be helped too.

My new stuffie

See the pink ribbon on his foot, that makes him special

My older sister who died of cancer

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  1. Your older sister was simply precious! Look at that little nose just ripe for "booping"!!! It's great that your new bear will help support cancer research! You are a very lucky bunny to be surrounded by such love and support