Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A fun date tomorrow

Tomorrow is International Talk like a Pirate day, so that is September 19th 2012. We found me some stuff to use for my pirateship, when we were out daddy found a treasure chest but we couldn't find any gold to put in it. That changed last night, daddy was getting ready to do some nail clipping and came across a package of St Patrick's day gold coins. I figure that I'm a Scottish pirate, so Irish gold is fair game.

I did some research and my Pirate name is going to be Captain Bunny Kidd, I am named after Captain William Kidd (Captain Kidd) he was a Scottish privateer (pirate). I will now switch to my pirate persona to close this blog.

Avast me hearties, I got a load o booty that I pillaged from an Irish ship.
Me Irish booty

The top of me treasure chest

Me treasure chest
If you want to learn how to talk like a pirate you can go to this site here.

There are two events, there is a parade for our Canadian Olympians on Friday morning, I'm sort of looking forward to that. BUT what I am really looking forward to is Bunfest on Sunday.


  1. Hello Sunki!!

    I once saw you on a bus, and REALLY wanted to pet you, but I respected your signs and your daddy.

    It made my heart swell to know that ontario is opening up opportunities for emotional support animals.

    Thank you for making the world a better place, Sunki!!

    1. ps your pirate gear is totally badass :)