Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A very special blog today

We are wishing one of our loyal readers (Shazz) a very Hoppy belated Birthday, it was on the 10th of July.
Here are the lucky famous people who share Shazz's Birthday.
  • 1980 ---- Jessica Simpson
  • 1972 ---- Sofia Vergara
  • 1945 ---- Ron Glass (Barney Miller)
  • 1926 ---- Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster)
  • 1921 ---- Harvey Ball (created the Smiley)
  • 1920 ---- David Brinkley (newsman)
  • 1917 ---- Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard)
  • 1856 ---- Nikola Tesla (inventor)
You can find out who is lucky enough to share your birthday by going here.

Now back to your regluar schedualed blog.........

Our city has issued ANOTHER extreame heat alert, that's the third one this year. The nice green grass that I like to eat is turning into the brown of some of the more disgusting hay that daddy used to get, there hasn't been more then a few drops of rain here and there for several weeks. The weather people are calling it the Toronto effect, rain all around us and a great big hole right over top of Toronto. Daddy also told me that the jetstream (it's like a highway for weather systems), is WAY up north of where it should be, and so all the rain we would normally get is going across there. I may have to go do some bunstruction and reroute the jetstream back to where it should be, all I have to do is thump at it a couple times and that should do the trick.


  1. Please do thump the Jet Stream back on course, because over here in the UK we have had far too much rain! We haven't seen the sun much at all this summer!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Look there!! A special post just for me!!!! Thank you so much Sunki!!! That was so thoughtful of you :) :: sneaks a little slice of banana as a special treat ::