Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Toronto Beaches International Jazz Festival 2012

On Friday and Saturday me and daddy went to a jazz festival, it was okay but there were only a couple of bands that daddy liked, and none, not a single one that I liked. But I was there to support daddy and help sell his cards, we sold a lot and people love them. On the back of each one is daddy's email, and the address for this blog, and considering all the money raised is going to our friends at Rabbit Rescue to help with the homeless bunnies there, people were snatching up cards. You can find out more about Rabbit Rescue here.

Speaking of Rabbit Rescue I should do a bit more shameless advertising for an upcoming event to help them out, at the end of September (September 23rd 2012 to be exact). It is the bunny event of the year, the dogs have woofstock, we bunnies have Bunfest. I've been to all of them, and it is a really fun time. I've met both traveling bunnies from Bunspace there, Pantouf and Pacer (they are stuffed bunnies, Pacer travels in the US, Pantouf travels the world). I've gotten my nails clipped, had a "glamor shot" picture taken, and gotten my absolute favorite treat 'oat groats' there. You can find out more about Bunfest by going here.

We stayed REALLY late both days, well the street festival didn't start until after 6 pm, but we didn't get home until after midnight both days. It was fun, and I got to light up my stroller again, which is rare to begin with. It really attracts peoples attention to me and the stroller, and this time helped sell cards.

The poutine loving Vulcan we saw at Big on Bloor was at this festival too, which was weird.

Daddy has to get more of the cards he uses to make the ones we sell, and he is going to be doing a specialty batch. Daddy was inspired to draw these when he did a Superbun cartoon, so he is doing a Justice League of Bunnies series. Flash, Green Lantern, Wonderdoe (Wonderwoman), Batbun (Batman), and Superbun (Superman) are the cartoons he's figured out so far. Once he gets the cards he'll start doing the new series.

It got really dark

A weird light up palm tree

This was taken with no flash

That weird palm tree again, and some of the crowd

Day two, and I'm having a run on the grass

ACHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! bless me. No, not really I'm just cleaning my face.

My stroller all lit up

This is Pantouf, I met her at the very first Bunfest I went to, holding her is the mom of one of my bunny friends

This is Pacer, met him at the second Bunfest I went to, he was visiting Toronto from USA and dropped in on Bunfest.

My glamor shot.

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  1. Sunki!! I love that your stroller is equipped with special lights! You are certainly one super cool bun! And that glamour shot!! ::: swoon :: I wish your daddy the very best of luck with his cartoons- it sounds like he's getting very creative!