Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Farmers Markets and more

Today me and daddy went to a Farmers Market, where we got some carrot tops, my favorite part of the carrot. Those carrots are gross, that part that the humans eat, ewwwww. It grows underground in the dirt, and they put cow poop on it. Carrot tops grow above ground, away from the dirt and cow poop.
Daddy bought some special bags for our greens, they are supposed to keep them clean and fresh, but still let the bad gases they release from spoiling them.

After the farmers market we went across to one of our favorite pet stores called "Wag on the Danforth", the lady that runs the store is really nice, and treats all of us bunnies good. She doesn't put out treats for us bunnies like she does for the dogs, but then we're the only bunnies that come in there.
Anyway daddy got us some hay, from Bourne Free Farms, they are an all natural hay company. Bourne Free is one of the sponsors of Rabbit Rescues "Bunfest"at the end of September.

Daddy says that I should get to bed early because we might be going to the beach for a bit tomorrow, or we might go see Spiderman, or the Outdoor Art Exhibition. I'm voting for the Art show or beach myself, but daddy says it's going to be super hot tomorrow, so maybe it'd be better to do something inside a building equipped with a cool box.

The greens bags daddy got for our greens

The carrot tops in one of the new greens bag

The Bourne Free Farms hay package

We'll see about if we like it, or we'll be switching back to Oxbow.

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  1. So, Sunki, I'm curious... did the new bags work!?!? Did your greens stay greener and crispier longer?? I'm always looking for something to help prolong the life of veggies. They seem to wilt and brown before I can get Nutmeg to eat them all!