Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, July 21, 2012

BIG on Bloor

Today was the day that I've been looking forward to, I got go see my costume designer. She owns a company called Fancy Pants Kids, she makes costumes for kids to dress-up and play in. She bought one of daddy's cards, and is going to link to this blog from her site, and I am going to do the same for her, so you can go to her site by going here. It was three years ago that we first met Gretel at BIG on Bloor, daddy had a booth WAY down the street from her, and it rained ALL day that day. Today it only sprinkled a little bit for a few minutes, which is par for the course for this festival.
We've set a personal record, two cards in two days, that is worth mentioning.

Now back to what happened at the festival, I can now cross off three new kinds of animals that I've met. Three parrots, a flamingo and a KANGAROO. Daddy says that the kangaroo was just as much of a troublemaker as I am, he even tried to pick a fight with the flamingo at one point. I didn't know this, but flamingos can hold their own against a kangaroo, this one almost gave the kangaroo a good pecking on the head. I'm going to have to remember this, don't get on the bad side of a flamingo.

There are two new places that we plan on going to, The Toronto Zoo, and the Ontario Science Centre.
Some of the Fancy Pants Kids stuff

The Kangaroo (he is even wearing a harness like me).

The Flamingo

This is a bubble making machine, in this picture it was making the "&" sign.

Wearing my Superbun cape

The business card

Me with the card

My favorite thing, greens with watermelon dressing (I only get it after I eat some watermelon). See the blur in the bottom left corner, that's me eating.

My new soccer ball

What to eat, well what little there is left to eat.

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  1. *note to self* Never get into a fight with a flamingo!!! Also... Kangaroo with a harness?? I think my brain exploded from the cuteness!!! And Sunki, you look positively dapper in your cape!! And a HUGE congratulations to your dad for selling TWO cartoons!! That's really great!