Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day turns out to be lucky

I guess July 1st really is lucky for me, daddy ran into the same sort of problem he did last time we tried to go up the tower, but a better result. At first we were hopeful that we would get to go up without any problem, that was dashed when we got to the security check point. We ended up outside talking to the supervisor, as you can tell it turned out good. But for 30 minutes it was looking rather bad for us, the supervisor finally came out and allowed us to go up the tower, with the redundant instructions that people weren't allowed to touch me etc.

I still managed to have fun, the elevator goes faster then I thought it would, to go from the ground to the lookout level (1136ft) it only takes 58 seconds. And the VIEW, well that is something else.
Rogers Centre (Skydome) from 1136ft up, the Jays were playing at the time.

The Bell/TIFF Lightbox building, me and daddy have been in this building too

Inside are these monitors, they show live pictures of the people outside on the Edgewalk

This is the Outdoor Sky Terrace, it is VERY windy out here, it is 1122ft up.

Where that arrow is pointing is the building we live in 8 miles away from the tower

In my stroller on the glass floor, the glass can hold five full grown elephants

You can see my stroller on the left side of the picture

Look at how cool the view is.
A picture of me and daddy, everyone gets one taken, but not everyone buys them

Out on the Terrace with the city in the background

That is Billy Bishop airport (Toronto Island Airport) over there.

Centre Island

The white at the bottom of the picture, that's the big balloon I told you about

The 3D crystal keychain daddy had made, the inscription says (Sunki's 1st trip CN Tower 2012), it hangs on my stroller.

We also went and saw my great grand aunt, and tried to fix her computer, it didn't work because of the keyboard she wanted to use. But that allowed us to kill a few hours before having to make the trek to see the fireworks. I should say that the trip to get to her place was an adventure in itself, see the Spanish that live in the city caused a real problem with their celebrations, which added to the other road problems already there, and made the traffic problems multiply. A trip that would have taken only a few minutes took more then an hour.

Well I'll post more about my adventure tomorrow, right now though both me and daddy need to go to bed, considering we've been out and about for more then 12 hours streight. We left our house at noon, and didn't get back until midnight.

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  1. Wow!! Spectacular views! Great memories! and amazing adventures!!