Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Sunday, May 18, 2014

WOW what a day

Okay, so today was Superfan ComiCON, the day me and daddy have been waiting for for months. We got to meet lots of neat people, even before we met the celebrities. I got to "drive" KITT, the car from Knight Rider.
Where's the button that gives me treats?

That is KARR back there, KITT's evil twin

The iconic front of KITT.

The 'cockpit' of KITT.
We also found a neat bunch of artists, they do a series of comic books called Heroes of the World, it's about a boy who travels all over the world and teams up with each countries unique heroes. Of course who know which country we chose, SCOTLAND.
The big guy is Caber, the little guy in the middle is Pipes, but we can't remember what the other names are.

Got to see the Batmobile.

This is something I didn't see at ComiCON back in March, an AT-ST Scout walker.

 We also got to meet some really neat celebrities, Maryse Ouellet (WWE Diva), Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) and Olivia Hack (a voice actress in Star Wars the Clone Wars.
And for the BIG superstar that I really wanted to see, Margot Kidder.
Margot, me and daddy
 Margot is really really nice, and LOVED my Superbun cape. We almost gave up on meeting her, she hadn't been there almost the whole day, but she showed up at the very last minute. She wasn't even supposed to be there this weekend, she under went knee replacement surgery a short time ago, and wasn't supposed to travel, but came anyway, and I'm super excited that she did come.

I also got some free stuff, just for being cute.
This is my first free thing, the guy that did this is named Ash.

This is the cover of the book we were given
This is the dedication page

One of many drawings inside the book
This is at the end of the book, do you notice the web address for Rabbit Rescue.
There was also an I Love Doggies and a I Love Kitties sketch book.
The guy that gave me these things also has a bunny (go figure), he's also been to Bunfest, and he bought one of Daddy's cards too.

We also got to meet one of our very good friends, he runs D-Day Wear which can be found here, he is trying to get a song and movie done to support war veterans from both the Canadian and US Armed Forces who have PTSD. To help out with that give a like on the Facebook page by going here, the campaign is called This Flag Flies Free.

And one more fun picture, you'll need to be a Dr Who fan (or at least know a bit about the show) to get the joke on this T-Shirt that we saw.
I know my readers get the bunny part of the joke.
The joke is that the Dr Who thing looks small on the outside, but is really big inside.

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