Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Monday, May 26, 2014

Boy/girl outing

Wow did we have fun. I guess I should start on Saturday morning, with our first meeting.

Me and daddy arrived WAY early, stupid transit, we had planned on arriving with a few minutes to spare. We ended up getting there with an hour to wait, but that was okay, because it gave us time to checking things out, and gave daddy a chance to mentally prepare.
Once our new friend got there (her name is Louise BTW), we went into the first building.... well, it wasn't so much one building, as it was a group of buildings and vehicles. We went to see the TTC's brand new streetcar, we got to see inside the new one.

This is the new streetcar, daddy didn't take a picture of the outside on Saturday
Some of the seats, you can see that it bends
A pair of seats, the only design flaw we found the further back you go, the narrower the aisles get.
Not a lot of room for my stroller in some places.
 Daddy and Louise spent a great deal of time talking, I spent that time pondering why I was listening to those two. It was okay though, I was glad to see daddy happy.

After our tour of the streetcar we decided to ride on one of the older streetcars, like this one.
This is the Streetcar we got to ride on.
This is looking toward the front of the old streetcar.

These are the back doors
This is looking toward the back

I'm rather bored of this streetcar now, it only did a loop around the yard.
Daddy didn't have any money so Louise bought them lunch, it's going to be daddy's turn the next time they go out. I got to play in the grass while they ate lunch, and talked some more. My grandpa used to work for the TTC, so daddy was used to seeing the inside of the division building, what he wanted to see is the TTC stuff for sale. Daddy found me a new pin for my stroller, and it allows me to show my pride in the TTC.
This is my new pin.
We then went to see another building, but it wasn't open anymore, so we went downtown to a Tim Horton's to get a drink. We had intended to visit at least one more building, but the two humans spent so long talking, that by the time they finished it was to late. So we said our goodbyes, and we're going to see each other again real soon. And daddy may invite her over here for a 'bangers and mash' dinner.... Bangers and mash is an English dish made up of Sausages (called Bangers), mashed potatoes, and mushy peas (no one likes mushy peas, so daddy substitutes green peas). Louise is from England, which is really neat.

Day 2 of doors open found me and daddy at Fort York Armories, by ourselves this time. There was a military concert band playing, some of the equipment and vehicles, and some freebies.
This is a G-Wagon, it's the primary transport for the military
 What you see there is called a G-Wagon, it's the modern version of the Jeep. What I wanted to know, and no one seemed to be able to give me an answer, is what happened to wagons A through F?
This is a 105mm Howitzer.
I've been really REALLY close to a bunch of these during a 21 gun salute, and didn't scare me one little bit.
This is an older version of the one pictured above, but no less noisy.
Okay now for some teaching, these are some posters we got.
This poster shows the cap badges of the Toronto area regiments
The poster above shows the 12 units that make up the 32 Canadian Brigade Group.
This shows how a battle group is structured
This poster shows the types of units, and shows the ranks.
These are some of the vehicles and weapons used by the Canadian Armed Forces.
As I mentioned in my previous blog, Louise has two bonded bunnies of her own, so of course they talked about us, and showed pictures of the furkids.
These are her two bunnies, daddy thinks they make a cute pair.


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all!

  2. Hooray for a nice day! And three of the most handsome/beautiful rabbits, too.