Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Honouring our soldiers

Yesterday was the National Day of Honour, which was to honour the men and women who served in the Afghan mission. Me and daddy went to a small ceremony here in the city, the big one was in Ottawa. This one was okay, but there wasn't a parade, or even a band (except for a trumpeter and piper). There were several soldiers, sailors and airmen (women), but they didn't do much. The Lieutenant Governor and his wife, a federal politician, and the deputy Mayor were all there. And, as daddy says, enough military brass to make several spittoons, army humor (ha ha).
After the ceremony we got to talking with people, and found a naval officer who had been in the 707 Squadron of the RCAR (Royal Canadian Air Cadets). He invited us to join him in the Officers Mess, which is very fancy. The 707th was merged with daddy's old squadron the 700th.
Today marks one week until ComiCON, and four days until daddy's birthday. Both events are going to be super fun, and I'm just vibrating with excitement.

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