Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tallships 1812 tour

Yesterday me and daddy went to see the tall ships, this weekend is the first where these ships will sail to different ports around the great lakes.

There are 11 ships in the tour, 5 from Canada, 5 from the US, and 1 from Norway. One of the US ships scared a lot of people (but not us), they fired their cannons at us, but the Fort York Guards were there and they leveled their muskets at the ship.

I also got to see some pirates there, not to worry though, they were just actors, but it was still cool.

During the wait for the opening ceremonies to start I got to hop about and explore, there were quite a few people close by, so I got to go meet them. (DADDY here, he was a little pest, trying to see if anyone had snacks he could mooch). I also wanted to try a drink a man had near us, but daddy said it wasn't a drink bunnies could have. (DADDY here again, Sunki wanted to try Tim Horton's coffee, which was not decaffeinated). Grrrrrrrr I'm telling this story daddy.

This is the Norwegian ship

This is a man made beach.

Neither me or daddy know how to pronounce the name
A piper and drummer as part of the Nova Scotia tourism tent.

Light House, also by Nova Scotia
All my flags flying.

Playing in the grass

Sitting nicely in front of my stroller

The stage

Sitting nicely in front of daddy

A couple of pirates, I want to be like them.
On Sunday they are going to have what they call the Parade of Sail, which is when all 11 ships at full sail parade past the harborfront.

Oh, and I have my very own Kryptonian shield like Superman has, daddy found a site that allows you to make a Kryptonian shield and your name in Kryptonian script. Well, instead of trying to tell you about it, I'll show you what I mean.
Daddy is going to replace the shield on my cape with this one, only with more color.

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