Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Yesterday me and daddy went to see our first football game, and we had so much fun, even if it was a little wet getting there.

I got to take the big train to get there, I like taking that train over the subway. Once we were downtown we had to navigate our way over to the "dome" and find the gate to get in. That's when I discovered, with great delight, that the armed forces were going to be there to help with the opening ceremonies, more on that a little later.

You might remember that daddy was going to redo my cape, well yesterday he finished it. So now for the big unveiling.
My new Sun-Em cape
 AND I even have my first action figure, Sun-Em's cousin Kal-El.

Okay. now on to the football game. Like I said we saw a LOT of soldiers outside, but we weren't sure what was going to happen. First we had to actually get inside, which was more of a challenge then it needed to be. We met with the nice lady from Fan services named Lisa Simons, who helped smooth things over with security, that was one problem solved. The next problem came when they tried to scan the ticket we worked so hard to get, there scanner thingy wouldn't accept it, a few other people had the same trouble with their tickets, not to worry though, we still got in.

Then the hunt for our seat started, we had to go halfway around the level to get to it, but it was a good seat. Daddy got me some more Argos stuff, a jersey and a football.
My new Argos jersey, makes me the cutest fan EVER

The team is stretching

More stretching

The field, which can be converted into a baseball field by moving the seats

They call this the "Jumbotron" the windows beside it is one floor of the hotel

The evil Hamilton Tiger Cats, the traditional rivals of the Argos

Under that banner are more seats

The special football of the three I've got


A giant inflatable football player.
 This inflatable football player is over by the area where the visitors dressing rooms are, so the players have to go right beside it.

Cheerleaders, need I say more?
The soldiers were there to unfurl a giant Canadian flag, and the combined band of the armed forces was there to play the national anthem, and parade the Grey Cup onto the field.
The final score for the game Toronto Argos 39 Hamilton Tiger Cats 34.
On the way home everyone we ran across was giving daddy high fives when they saw me in my jersey. And even diehard Ti-Cat fans agreed I was the cutest Argo fan EVER!!!

This is an inflatable noise maker, but I put a hole in this one, so it's on the wall
This is what the noise maker is supposed to look like.

A souvenir cup

Joey Bats (Jose Bautista), is the Blue Jays home run slugger

We also helped cheer up a little girl at the game yesterday, her big brother had bought himself one of those foam fingers, and she didn't get anything. Daddy had bought me a set of Argos buttons awhile before, so with my permission daddy gave the little girl one of those pins and told her it was my present to her, well she went from tears to a million watt smile in seconds, and was quite proud to have such a special button.

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  1. Sunki... you and your daddy sound like great adventurers! From the train trip, to the giant stadium, to your new REALLY CUTE t-shirt and your feel-good intervention for a little girl- you guys certainly make a great team!!! Thanks for sharing your latest outing