Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update on how to donate

Sunki's daddy here with an important update.

We have found a couple of new ways to donate to Sunki's vet care, plus some further information for one of the methods.

Interac Email Transfer (also called a Email Debit Transfer)
1: go to your banks website, choose email money transfer.
2: send the money to the following address
3: you need to choose a security question and answer, to make this easy use the following "who needs this money for vet care?" and the answer "Sunki".

You can do the same email money transfer as above from Paypal, just follow the instructions.

Western Union:
There are many methods to send money, what you need is the receiver's name and address, send an email to and we'll give you the information for that.

So far Sunki seems to be holding his own, he is eating pellets and getting 15cc of critical care twice a day. When I weighed him last week he was 2kg when I weighed him just now he was down to 1.5kg, for Sunki's breed (mini-rex) he should be between 3 and 4kg.
I am going to try something I did last year when Sunki needed to gain back the weight he lost, I'm going to give him rolled oats with his pellets.

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