Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, November 24, 2012

That was a fun show

Well, we saw Snow White on Thursday, and it wasn't what we expected at all. Of course with these shows you have to embrace the oddness, because you never know what silliness they are going to come up with. As a for instance, there aren't any dwarfs in this version of Snow White, and not to give anything away, but it's a "spy game" with some "numbers" for the hero, and his son Jack the giant killer.
We likely won't be seeing the show again, so daddy wasn't able to get me a stuffie from the show like last year. But daddy talked to grandma, and if she remembers to, she'll pick up one for me the next time she's at the theatre. I'm crossing my paws and rubbing my left hind foot for luck that she does remember, then my new stuffie can join Kiwi that I got from last years show.
Kiwi when I first got him.

Me and Kiwi.
Seeing this picture reminds me that I have to get daddy to dig out the Christmas stuff, and get our stuffies Santa clothes out. Tomorrow is the Beach Santa Claus parade, so we need the Santa stuff out. We are also likely to end up down at the Grey Cup party, hopefully we can sell more of daddy's cartoon cards which will get us closer to having enough money to get me into see the vet.
Speaking of which, I am eating my pellets again, but I'm still getting Critical Care twice a day so I don't go into stasis.

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