Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Still no donations

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. No one has donated to BIN, for my stuff, or for the general help of the other bunnies that need the help.

We do finally have an estimate on how much the vet is going to be, just to be seen by the vet is going to be $70.00, all the other procedures they won't even tell us what those amounts are until they see me. Grandma and daddy are working on setting up a way to do an email money transfer so that people can donate to help with my vet care.
Keep an eye on this blog in the coming days, I will let you know the wheres and hows to donate money to us.

Daddy is also working on putting his trading cards up on a site called Etsy so that people can buy them online, and the money raised will go to my vet care too.

Now on to some fun stuff, the Toronto Argonauts are playing the Calgary Stampeders in the 100th Grey Cup, and our city is going nuts over it.
My new fluffy Argo's blanket, nice and fluffy, just like me

See, all snuggled in and warm
 Oh, and I got to meet some cheerleaders who posed for a picture with me
Toronto Agro's cheerleaders.
I also got a new pin to commemorate this momentous occasion
I wanted the actual mini Grey Cup, but that was way more then what daddy was willing to pay.


  1. Hey Sunki... tell your daddy that I have an idea. I make stained glass decorative pieces. I could donate one to you and maybe you could auction it off somehow? Sadly, I'm struggling with a variety of health issues and I can't work so I don't have much spare change lying around. But I would be happy if my art could help in some way?

  2. Hihi Sunki,

    Unfortunately, I'm in the disability boat myself. (Though, I don't have such a handsome or well spoken best friend like your Dad! I have to make do with humans.) So I don't have anything to contribute financially.

    I can offer a story written specifically for someone and/or their pet(s) .. or a bunny plushie.. or uhm.. (looks about) .. The appreciation of a Canucks fan? :) (Yeah, we both know what that's worth! Nada!)