Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, August 31, 2012

So excited

I am so excited right now that I am vibrating. On Friday we are going shopping with grandma, and I'll be riding in my carseat.
But that's not what I am most excited about, no, that happens this weekend. The airshow is in town, and we are going to the CNE to watch it. I love the airshow, the jets are my personal favorite.... daddy's too. I'm not to thrilled with the silly stunt planes though, whiney little engines.
Daddy is hoping that the people with the pepperettes are there again this year, he'd really like to get some that are made from camel and kangaroo.

Oh, and we can now tell you where daddy's uncle is going, it is a little town called Gull Lake, SK. He'll be the managing editor for the Gull Lake Advance newspaper. Daddy did some teaching at the party on Tuesday, a few people were unaware that Saskatchewan gets tornadoes. So daddy showed them where tornado alley is, and where the town is in that area. We here in Toronto are on the far eastern edge, Gull Lake is on the far western edge.
Daddy was also helping grandma find things in the town (using Google maps and streetview), like the police station (the RCMP are the police there, and the station is a house). He also found the nearest airport..... sort of.... it's in Swift Current and has 1 runway.

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