Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ratlet names

As I posted yesterday we had gotten two new ratlets, but we were sort of at a loss for names. Well we have been working over time on getting names for them, and now we can announce their names and show pictures of the new boys.
This is Donovan which is Irish and means 'little dark brown one'
And this is Spot, which is self explanatory, he has a white mark right on top of his head
Spot is the one with the, well, spot on his head, he's also got two light brown spots on his butt.
As for sexing them, well that's WAY easier on a baby rat then say a baby bunny, male rats have BIG um, testicles, and if they don't then they are female. These two are most definitely boys.

Daddy also picked up something yesterday that will make going to the beach WAY more enjoyable for everyone, it is sort of like my tent, only bigger, daddy says it's called a cabana. It folds up and becomes small enough to fit under my stroller, which daddy says makes it easier to transport to and from the beach. We should be getting to try it out soon, daddy talked to my uncle Matthew yesterday, and they are planning a trip to our favorite beach very soon. I love the beach because I get to play in the sand, which is always fun.


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  1. Yay for Donovan and Spot!!!! What little cuties! I hope they share many happy moments with you! And the cabana sound just wonderful! You'll be the best shaded, most fashionable bun on the beach!!!