Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He is going where to work?

Yesterday me and daddy went to a going away party for one of his uncles, he got a job way over in Saskatchewan, he's going to be managing editor for a small town news paper out there. According to daddy it's mostly flat, with lots of farms. They filmed some of Superman 1 there.
Of course it is a party, so I wanted to get dressed up. So daddy put my highland vest on, with my pirate bandanna... not going to be to fancy.
Daddy also made a going away card, with some sage advice, "remember to always wear boots when in farm country". Uncle Rob, said he already had a pair of boots for just that reason. Hehe.
Daddy also found the town on his phone, and we did a bit of virtual exploring of the town. The town does have a movie theatre, library etc.

That was the most fun me and daddy have had lately, and just what daddy needed to make him happy.

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  1. Sunki, you look so handsome in your tartan, and so cool with your icy bottle! We wish your uncle all the best of luck!